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Why Jennifer Lopez had reservations about getting married to Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez wasn’t so sure about taking a trip down the aisle with Alex Rodriguez. The 49-year-old got candid about the initial doubts she had about getting married to her baseball beau. “I was very wary after everything I've been through," the El Anillio singer said during a Sirus XM radio appearance. "I was just sussing it out until then. I was like, 'I don't know, maybe yes, maybe no, I really love [Alex], I like him.' Everything seemed almost too perfect too soon, so I was like, 'Wait, what's happening?' Jennifer, who has been married three times, had her qualms but was reassured when she felt 100 percent ready.

Jennifer Lopez shared that she had reservations about getting married to Alex Rodriguez Photo: Instagram/@arod

“I think it was the right time -- we knew," the World of Dance judge said. "It's great to have a best friend and a partner you can really build with, and I just feel like, with Alex and I, that's what it's like. We're very similar ... it's one of those things, you meet a like-minded person who is trying to be the best person they can be and always trying to grow, and then they help you grow and you help them grow. I'm better here, he's better there and we're better together."

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When it comes to wedding plans, the duo are still working things out. “Not yet. I don’t know,” JLo shared about any details. “We will do what feels right and what’s natural.” Jennifer, and Alex, 43, got engaged on March 10, during a romantic beach vacation in the Bahamas. The pair, who had been dating for two years prior to the special moment, took to their respective Instagram accounts to share the news.

The singer and the former baseball player got engaged in March Photo: Instagram/@jlo

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After the special announcement, A-Rod and Jennifer thanked their followers and fans for the well-wishes. “There aren’t many words to share with you, only feelings,” the caption above of photo of the pair hugging right after their engagement read. “Gratitude. Excitement. And just…joy. We know there is work to do to keep building a family and future we can be proud of, and we can’t do it without all of you.” The statement continued: “We are so thankful for all your messages of love and congratulations.”

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