Jessica Alba talks business, beauty and how she manages to have it all

Jessica Alba is the embodiment of "having it all", not only is she a talented actress and model but the 35-year-old is also running a multi-million dollar company, while looking after her two youngs daughter, Honor Marie, 8, and Haven Garner,4. That said, this A-list beauty is refreshingly down-to-earth when it comes to her daily beauty regime, preferring to use a small number of multitasking products instead of spending hours in front of the mirror.

Jessica opened up about her daily beauty routine in an exclusive chat with HELLO! Fashion – and it's something we can easily recreate at home.

"In the morning I use light hydrating cream and a magic balm (from her Honest Beauty line) which is kind of a use-for-everything balm that I use on my lips and the crows feet of my eyes," Jessica confides. "I use a hydrating mist to wake my face up and a primer which plumps my face with hyaluronic acid and gives a little bit of reflection."

Jessica Alba shared her beauty secrets with HELLO! Fashion Photo: HELLO! Fashion

Jessica admits that she loves beauty products that offer "convenience", something which has led her to work as Global Beauty Brand Ambassador for Braun for the past two years.

"I love the quality of the products, I think they are really great performing products but they're accessibly priced," she says. "I love the IPL because before you really had to go to a medispa usually to get IPL and it costs so much money. It's great to be able to use it in the comfort of your own home.

"I also love the face spa because I do like to exfoliate my skin daily and it's super gentle so it gives me that really smooth foundation. Whatever I put on top over that, whether it's my moisturiser or make-up for the day, I just feel like my skin is properly prepped."

Jessica is the Braun Global Beauty Brand Ambassador Photo: HELLO! Fashion

The mom-of-two keeps her make-up relatively pared back, explaining: "I use a tinted moisturiser that has an SPF and then I use a cream blush, a concealer and either a lip crayon or lip gloss on the lips and that's pretty much my day-to-day."

She adds: "I'll use a bronzer when I want that sort of sun kissed look. I'll use that in the hollows of my cheeks and on my neck and around my hairline."

With her glowing skin and flawless make-up, Jessica is the perfect advertisement for her Honest Beauty brand – an offshoot from her hugely successful business The Honest Company, which sells eco-friendly and non-toxic goods such as cleaning and baby products.

Jessica has a low-key daily beauty routine Photo: HELLO! Fashion

The business is reportedly worth $1billion, and now Jessica has set her sights on international expansion, including the UK.

"I've met with a couple of retailers so it's just a matter of time," she confides. "Our ingredients are really amazing and we have very, very high standards in how we craft our products so I think it would be great to bring the products to everyone all over the world who want access to really great, high quality products that won't break the bank."

Jessica is keen to teach her young daughters Honor and Haven about a strong work ethic and philanthropy through her empire, which gives a percentage of profits from each sale to families in need and medical research.

The mom-of-two has built a hugely successful empire with The Honest Company Photo: Getty Images

"They really like what I've built here and they've been part of it. We talk to them a lot about having a job and going to work, responsibilities and what it means," Jessica explains. "I just like to talk to them about how you can do business, and you can have a business that does well and is successful but you can also do good for people and give back."

When she's not working on her business or spending time with her family, Jessica loves to work out, and often shares inspirational fitness photos with her 8.2 million Instagram followers.

So what's the secret to her incredible physique? "I like to do group classes with friends… cycling classes with loud hip hop music usually, or I like to do yoga classes that are with weights, again with good dance music or a good rhythm to the music – fast paced and hot. Anything that you have to mix cardio with a bit of weights."

Jessica loves to do yoga and cycling workouts Photo: HELLO! Fashion

The brunette beauty simply credits "consistency" to staying in shape, and says that she tries to eat fresh, organic products as much as possible.

"What goes into your body is just as important as what's in and around your environment," she says. "It is important to try and have as much fresh food as possible, things that aren't overly processed. We don't really eat fast food, so we try and do the best we can in having as much healthy products as we can."

But it's not all green juices and salads. "There's something called In-N-Out burger here [in California], and we'll get that once in a while. But not a lot, we have so many fast healthy options here it's not so hard to find. Even if you go to a grocery store there's gonna be healthy options."

The actress often shares workout photos with her Instagram fans Photo: Instagram/@jessicaalba

The actress often shares workout photos with her Instagram fans

Although she has a busy summer lined up working on various projects, including the release of her new film The Mechanic Resurrection with Jason Statham, Jessica is also looking forward to some well-deserved downtime with her two children and husband Cash Warren.

"We're going to go with the kids somewhere chilling so that will be nice," Jessica says. "We are going to take eight days and just hunker down as a family."

Jessica Alba is the Braun Global Beauty Brand Ambassador.

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