Gwyneth Paltrow has a future glam squad leader on her hands! The 43-year-old actress, who is launching her very own line of organic makeup with Juice Beauty, admits that she is currently trying to navigate her and Chris Martin's 11-year-old daughter Apple's love of makeup.

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"I let my daughter wear makeup around the house, because she really loves it, " the Goop founder told Yahoo! Beauty. "But she also does special-effects makeup and she loves to experiment and she'll do really wild things so she'll like, do some Snapchat person with rainbows down the face."

Gwyneth, who is also mother to 9-year-old son Moses, revealed that she prefers Apple to keep the makeup experimentation for inside the house only. "Sometimes like if we're going to a party, she'll put on some mascara and then take it off so there's like a hint," she added. "So she's allowed to do that, but she's a bit young for, you know, a full face."

Gwyneth says still trying to decide what is "appropriate" when it comes to Apple's makeup Photo: Getty Images

The actress revealed that she is still trying to decide on what is "appropriate" when it comes to letting her little girl play with different looks. "I'm not sure what the appropriate makeup age is, probably, I don't know, 14?" she said. "Is that too old? Too young? I'll have to do some research I think."

Gwyneth also confessed that it was her daughter who inspired her to research into organic makeup, after seeing Apple trying different products. "I was never into makeup and beauty in my twenties. My daughter is the exact opposite of me, she's basically a fledgling makeup artist," Gwyneth explained. "She watches YouTube and all that and loves makeup, which is another reason I'm so happy that this line is going to come out because she likes to play with makeup and I prefer it to be nontoxic."

The actress also said that she tries to encourage her daughter to feel beautiful no matter what look she's playing around with. "I just hope that my daughter always feels beautiful," she said. "And I think that absolutely comes from the way you regard yourself and hold yourself.

She continued: "I think there’s so many women who might not be classically beautiful but who just are so beautiful, they’re so alluring because you can just tell they’re so into themselves, you know, in a good way. So I hope she has that quality."

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