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Meghan Markle and Sofía Vergara have a twinning moment - who is the winner?

Two beautiful women, one paillette corset - Sofía Vergara recently showed off her curves in the same garment Duchess of Sussex previously wore for a charity event

You wouldn't think Sofía Vergara and Meghan Markle have many things in common apart from both being famous and beautiful, but it turns out that the two of them also have a similar taste in fashion. Of course, the Colombian actress and the American royal seem to effortlessly adapt new trends to their particular style, and it's interesting to see when they wear the same item and end up with completely different results! We are talking about a black and white paillettes corset. Back in November, the Duchess shone in the corset as part of an etiquette maternity outfit for a charity gala. Now it's Sofía who is showing off her curves with a more casual look.

 The actress chose this outfit for her appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

The Modern Family actress has an impressive body and knows what fits her perfectly. Sofía recently shared an image on social media from the Late Show with Stephen Colbert's green room. The 47-year old beauty wore the black and white paillettes corset combined with high-heeled sandals and her favorite jeans from her exclusive collection (found in Walmart stores). She looked stunning and ready for the appearance on the TV show to talk about her new movie with hubby Joe Manganiello, Bottom of the 9th.

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 The black and white creation belongs to the Resort Collection 2019 by British brand Safiyaa

The Duchess of Cambridge adapted the design to attend to a Royal Variety Performance charity concert last November. She added a more comfy spaghetti strap around the neck and a black elastic belt under the chest. Meghan combined this creation, called Malaya, with a flowing black skirt, suede black stilettos and the beautiful Snowflakes earrings made out of white gold and diamonds signed by Birks. Sofía and Meghan are not the only ones who love this garment, by the way. The creation by British firm Safiyaa is sold out, even though the price was almost $1200 dollars.

 Meghan combined the corset with suede high heels, a clutch and white gold jewelry

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