Leomie Anderson

In a word, Leomie Anderson is fierce. At just 26-years-old she's already modeled and walked runways for some of the world's most coveted brands. Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger and Tom Ford as well as Moschino, Yeezy and Fenty are a few names she has under her belt. And now, she can add Victoria's Secret Angel to her stacked resume. HOLA! USA caught up with the British bombshell to talk all things Victoria's Secret...and Coachella.

"Lais Ribeiro made me feel very welcome and she gave me a lot of tips on being a part of Victoria’s Secret family. So nothing bad, no pranks, just a lot of love," Leomie Anderson on her initiation to the Victoria's Secret family

Although she was named Victoria's Secret newest Angel, Leomie is no stranger to the brand. She made her Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show runway debut in New York City in 2015. The following two years, she walked the show in Paris and then Shanghai, and last year, the supermodel stunner returned to New York to walk the popular catwalk. Now, she's taken the next step and become a VS Angel. "I literally couldn’t believe it," she told HOLA! USA. "I just came home from work, and I was super tired and when I walked into my building, I saw my two agents there and they told me the good news." 

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When she's not busy globetrotting and visiting gorgeous destinations around the world, Leomie likes to stay comfortable by wearing swag from her clothing brand LAPP The Brand, keeping a healthy routine and, of course, attending coachella. Continue reading to find out more about the newest Victoria's Secret Angel...

HOLA! USA: Who was the first person you told about the big news?
Leomie Anderson: "Well, I wanted to talk to my mom, but she never answers her phone, so I called my best friend because I know that she’s always online, and she’s been my best friend since the beginning of my career, so she knows how much it means to me."

Did the veteran angels do anything to initiate the new angels?
"The first day that I ever shot Victoria’s Secret was actually the day I got announced, and I was shooting with Lais [Ribeiro]. And she really has made me feel very welcome. She gave me a lot of tips on being a part of Victoria’s Secret family. So nothing bad, no pranks, just a lot of love."

Have you gotten any other advice from the veterans?
"Honestly, I spoke to Sara [Sampaio] literally just yesterday. She just told me to be myself. That’s what Victoria’s Secret is about."

When you're not wearing VS lingerie, what's your favorite go-to item to wear at home?
"So if I’m not wearing Victoria’s Secret lingerie, then my go-to item must be my own brand Lapp the Brand. I have this amazing jumpsuit. It’s just so cozy and cool."

Leomie's tips for staying in shape: "Honestly, just listen to your body. Hydrate, always drink a lot of water. And try new things as well."

What's the craziest thing you've had to do in a photoshoot?
"Okay so one of the craziest things I had to do for a photoshoot was climb to the top of a waterfall. It was slippery, it was super scary, but I just loved it. The joke of the whole situation is the issue never came out. I never got to see those pictures, so there you go, that’s why it’s funny."

You've traveled all around the world—what's your favorite destination?
"One of my favorite destinations definitely has to be Thailand. I love the food; I love the energy. I didn’t get to look around as much as I would have liked, but it’s somewhere that I’ve always wanted to go back to just because of how amazing it was."

We saw that you made an appearance at Coachella—what was the most memorable part of the weekend?
"I think one of the most memorable experiences of Coachella was when Ariana Grande brought N’SYNC on stage. I mean, who was prepared for that! I was living my childhood dreams." 

Top 3 tips for staying in shape?
"Honestly, just listen to your body. Hydrate, always drink a lot of water. And try new things as well. If you don’t like one form of exercise, you can definitely find other things that you’re really interested in. For me, sometimes I hate going to the gym, but I like going to a dance class. Just find your thing."

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