Demi Lovato is heading to 'Will & Grace'!

The 'Tell Me You Love Me' singer is going to primetime

Demi Lovato’s schedule is filling up. The Tell Me You Love Me singer announced that she is heading to primetime this fall. “Will & Grace & Demi @nbcwillandgrace #WillandGrace,” she captioned the photo her proudly sitting on the set. According to NBC, the 27-year-old will play Jenny, “a tough and guarded woman who comes into Will’s life in an unexpected way.” The show will air it’s final season and the singer is set to appear in three episodes.


Demi Lovato, Will and GraceVIEW GALLERY

Demi Lovato will appear in the upcoming season of Will and Grace

Demi teased the exciting announcement with her fans via her social media. “Okay I can’t tell you guys what I’m doing today (you’ll find out supers soon tho) but it’s making me SO HAPPY, I’m having SO MUCH FUN and I can’t stop laughing,” she wrote in the message. “Now go come up with your crazy ass theories as to what it might be.”

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Fans quickly questioned if Demi was busy with one of her other very public hobbies, leading her to send another clue. “Yall…none of my news has to do with dogs, pickles or MUGS…COME ONNNNN.” She continued when fans asked why she didn’t attend the MTV VMAs. “I skipped the VMAs for a REASON. Well that and I just hate award shows.” The news comes after it was announced that Demi is joining Will Ferrell in his latest Netflix comedy Eurovision.

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The singer will also star in the upcoming Netflix comedy Eurovision

Demi’s exciting news came during her 27th birthday – when her co-star made the announcement that she will join the film with a “homemade cake.” “Yall, Will Ferrell made me a cake…from scratch,” she captioned the video. “It looks completely professional and store bought so I’m not at all suspicious that he baked it himself in all of his free time #netflixisajoke #eurovisionmovie.” There has been no release date set for the comedy.

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