Olivia Culpo

She's conquered the beauty pageant world. She's made a name for herself in the modeling industry. Her Instagram? It's a picture-perfect dream come true for beauty and fashion brands. And up next, she'll surely be taking over Hollywood. But before she does, Olivia Culpo is making sure everyone looks extra fab with a pair of JBL headphones. HOLA! USA caught up with her for a quick second.

"The most important thing for an Instagram post is lighting," Olivia Culpo tells HOLA! USA Photo: Instagram/oliviaculpo

The brunette beauty jetsetted to the ultra-luxe Shore Club Hotel in Miami Beach for a one-night VIP experience that brought out the best DJs, beats, and of course, selfie-approved spots. "I’ve always been a big fan of the brand," she told HOLA! USA. "I love music, and they are the best in the game as far as headphones and speakers go. I feel like it’s a great fit for me because the product is amazing and they’re always coming up with new innovations."

Besides head-bopping in Insta-perfect headphones, Olivia is planning on living her best life by traveling, working on beauty collaborations, and listening to (obvi) Ariana Grande. Keep reading to find out Olivia's beauty secrets, how she takes the perfect Insta post and her plans for the future.

HOLA! USA: When you’re wearing your JBL headphones, what are you listening to?
Olivia Culpo: I’ve been on an Ariana Grande kick lately. Her new album…just really speaks to me. I love it.

What do you like to do on your down time?
I love working out. I play the cello, so I like to practice when I can. Spend time with my friends and family, and cook. I’m not really a “sit still” kind of person, so I’m usually doing something active during my time off.

Name 3 beauty products you always have on you.
Oh my gosh, well I definitely always have more than three, but I’ll try to narrow it down. I always have some sort of hydrating spray. I also always have my Dr. Barbara Sturm wipe cream because it’s amazing—it’s actually made with my blood, which is insane! It’s really really hydrating and it’s great. And then, I always have a lip liner, so either a MAC or NARS lip liner.

"I love music, and [JBL] are the best in the game as far as headphones and speakers go"

Tips for taking the perfect Insta post?
The most important thing for an Instagram post is lighting. If it’s really dark outside or cloudy, I always notice that the photos aren’t as vibrant or popping. Pro-tip: Get a nice white wall that you can use as a reflector.

You’re a total Jetsetter—what’s your top destination in the world?
There are so many places that I’ve been to that I love. I was recently in Montenegro which is a pretty small area in Europe. I never thought that I would make a trip out there, but it was absolutely gorgeous.

And how do you manage to stay in shape with all the worldly cuisine?
I personally go by the 80-20 rule. 80% of the time, I try to be really good and that means not eating carbs and trying to stay away from sugars or alcohol. I do exercise a lot so I think that helps. And 20% of the time, I’ll indulge a little bit. But If I have a shoot or something coming up, I’m pretty diligent about what I’m eating and I think that based off of that kind of balance, I’m able to indulge when I want to.

You just did a lash collab with Huda Beauty—do you have any tips for applying fake eyelashes?
So I do actually! Someone told me this when I was younger, and it really, really resonated with me—you have to think about it as if you were landing an airplane. Another trick is if you have a mirror, you can put the mirror on the ground or on the counter. And if you just lean over and look into the mirror, you get a better idea of where the lash line is instead of trying to do it looking straight into the mirror in front of you. Another trick is curling your eyelashes before because they help create a little bit of a pad for your airplane landing.

Do you have any future projects or collaborations in the works?
I just launched the lash collection with Huda Beauty, and I have a few movie projects that I’m working on, but I can’t really talk too much about them. My Express line is also still in stores and online. There are some really cool pieces for the warmer weather. I have a lot of crop tops that I think will be perfect for this season for girls, so I’m excited to see girls wearing those and see how they pair them.

"I’m pretty diligent about what I’m eating and I think that based off of that kind of balance, I’m able to indulge when I want to," Olivia on how she stays fit while traveling Photo: Instagram/oliviaculpo

And any big trips planned for the year?
Well, tomorrow I’m going to Ariana Grande! Tonight I’m in Miami with JBL for the new headphones. And later, I’m going to Cabo for work. Then, of course, Coachella! This is festival season, so get ready!

Who’s your favorite person to travel with?
It depends on the trip. I have different people that I’ll have come for whatever the trip is. I traveled recently for work with my sister, which was fun! I had never worked with her before, so that was enjoyable and different, but I usually either have my manager or my assistant, and it kind of just depends on where we’re going and what the requirements are.

What can we expect from the event?
Well, it will be really fun! We’re going to have some great performers. We’re having DJs Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano and DJ Irie. I’ll be there of course. We’ll be listening to great music. We’re bringing out our new headphones, which are wireless, noise cancelling, and come in a variety of colors. So it’s just kind of celebrating the launch and enjoying a night in Miami.

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