More Kardashians? Meet Kim, Kourtney and Khloe's three K-named cousins

We all know Kourntey, Kim and Khloe. But, how about Kourtni, Krista and Kara? That's right, there are actually three more Kardashian ladies who are cousins of the reality TV stars, two of which are traveling with the family during their trip to Armenia.

Kim, 34, who is joined by sister Khloe, husband Kanye West and daughter North West on the trip, posted on Instagram Thursday about her relative revelation.

Kim revealed her cousins Kourtni and Kara in an Instagram post Photo: Instagram

"Khloe & I brought along our cousins Kourtni & Kara Kardashian," she wrote as the family met with Armenia's Prime Minister, Hovik Abrahamyan in the country's capital of Yerevan. "We miss you Krista! Yes we have 3 cousins who are sisters that all start with a K too! LOL."

The fun snap comes from their meeting with the Prime Minister, who praised Kim and her family for the helping the "international recognition and condemnation of the Armenia genocide." The women then made a pledge to "continue the struggle for international recognition and condemnation of the Armenian genocide."

Kim, Khloe and their cousins met with the Prime Minister of Armenia Photo: Instagram

The pledge, relating to the massacre of 1.5 million Armenians on the eve of World War I — more than three-quarters of the small country's population at the time — was made through an interpreter who relayed a message from the women. "The Kardashians apologized for not speaking Armenian," a spokesperson said. "But, said they are learning their native language."

Kim later expressed her gratitude for meeting the high-level official. "It was an honor to meet the Prime Minister of Armenia, Hovik Abrahamyan who expressed how proud they are that we are proud Armenians and we have not forgotten our roots! #NeverForget," she captioned her Instagram photo of the meeting.

The Kardashian girls went sightseeing with their cousins around Armenia's capital city Photo: Getty Images

After landing in the country on Wednesday, the family has been sightseeing and sharing pictures every step of the way. "Khloe & I visiting Mother Armenia yesterday," Kim captioned another snap. "This statue reminds visitors of the strong female figures in Armenian history. I love how powerful women are and respected so much in our culture!"

The girls posed in front of the Mother Armenia statue Photo: Instagram

But, one thing Khloe, 30, seems to be having trouble with is the jet lag. She took to her Instagram sharing a photo in the gym writing, "Jet lag won last night! I even tried to tire myself out but still couldn't sleep. Who needs sleep when you're in Armenia anyways!!!"

Click on the picture below for more photos from the Kardashians' trip:

Khloe battled with jet lag by hitting the gym Photo: Instagram

Audiences can expect to see more from their trip as it is being filmed for their E! reality show.

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