You’ll never guess Archie Harrison’s new favorite word these days!

You’ll never guess Archie Harrison’s new favorite word!

Prince Harry revealed that he likes going on bike rides with his son

Archie Harrison, whose first word was crocodile, has expanded his vocabulary! Meghan Markle and Prince Harry revealed their son’s latest favorite word during their sit-down interview with Oprah Winfrey, which aired Sunday evening. “Oh my gosh, he’s on a roll,” Meghan said of Archie’s new favorite word. “In the past couple weeks, it has been ‘hydrate,’ which is just hysterical.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s son tells people to drive safe when they leave the house©Getty Images
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s son tells people to drive safe when they leave the house

Harry added, “But also, whenever anyone leaves the house, he’s like ‘Drive safe.’” Meghan laughed, “He’s not even two yet.”

When asked what “delights” Harry now in his every day life, the Prince told Oprah, “This year has been crazy for everybody, but to have outdoor space where I can go for walks with Archie and we can go for walks as a family and with the dogs.”

“I guess the highlight for me is sticking him on the back of the bicycle in his little baby seat and taking him on these bike rides, which is something I was never able to do when I was young,” the Duke continued. “I can see him on the back and he’s got his arms out and he’s like ‘Whoa!’ Chatting, chatting, chatting, and going, ‘Palm tree! House!’ and all this sort of stuff.”

Archie will be becoming a big brother this summer. The Duke and Duchess, who announced in February that they are expecting their second child, revealed their baby’s gender during the TV special.

“It’s a girl,” Harry shared. Prince William’s brother admitted that he felt “grateful” after learning that he’s having a daughter. “Just grateful to have any child, any one or any two would have been amazing, but to have a boy and then a girl, I mean what more can you ask for?” Harry said. “Now we’ve got our family. The four of us and our two dogs.”

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