Queen Maxima reveals music she likes, plus which instrument she plays!

Queen Maxima reveals what music she likes, plus which instrument she plays!

Music helped King Willem-Alexander’s wife learn Dutch

Argentine-born Queen Maxima of the Netherlands loves her salsa and tango music. King Willem-Alexander’s wife opened up about what type of music she likes to listen to during an episode of LookLab with NikkieTutorials. “Everything. According to the mood,” the Dutch royal, who is honorary president of More Music in the Classroom, shared.

“If I need to be uplifted, then I have salsa or tango or something like that,” she continued. “Sometimes I just want to remember the old times and I have all these, you know, wonderful music, rock and pop from the 80s.”

Not only does Maxima listen to music, but she can also play an instrument: the guitar. “The good thing with the guitar is that you can sing and play,” she said during the episode. When asked if she sings, the Queen replied yeah, though she quickly added “to myself.”

While Maxima sings alone, the royal mom of three enjoys making music with others. “I like sharing,” she explained. “I think I have the most joy in making music when I’m sharing that we’re making something together.”

Maxima admitted that her “family was musical.” Aside from being a source of enjoyment, music also helped the Queen learn how to speak Dutch. “I started with very simple children’s songs and then I started going ‘Oh that word and then that word’ and then you start recognizing because also music repeats it all the time,” she said. “So it just gets into your brain much easier, so I got all the Dutch music I could and I just learned as much as I could.”


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