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Meghan Markle shows off her fancy handwriting, wow!

The Duchess of Sussex sent a beautiful handwritten 'thank you' note to one of the charities contributing to her September issue

Meghan Markleis a woman of many talents. We have recently found out about all the projects she has been juggling with for the past months. On top of her commitments with the royal family and baby Archie, Prince Harry's wife will be launching a workwear capsule collection for charitable purposes and she's also the guest-editor of British Vogue's most anticipated September issue. If that was not enough, a kind gesture from the Duchess to one of the charities contributing to her Forces for Change, the theme chosen for the publication, has revealed another of her skills.

The Duchess of Sussex chose an elegant

Meghan sent a thank you note in beautiful handwriting to Luminary Bakery, an all-female social enterprise that helps vulnerable woman in getting back to work. “When I knew I would be secretly guest editing the September issue of British Vogue, including Luminary Bakery was non-negotiable,” she writes in her note. “The work you do, what you represent to the community, the spirit of the women there- you all embody what it means to be ‘forces for change’. Thank you for being a part of this special project.”

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Imagine your Christmas cards written by Meghan, they would be an instant hit!

The note, shared on the bakery's social media account, shows beautiful calligraphy in an elegant white “M” monogrammed card, as well as a little present Meghan included for the company: a black notebook with “Forces for Change” emblazoned on the cover. We shouldn't be surprised Meghan has such an incredibly elegant handwriting as she is known to be a skilled calligrapher. In an interview with Esquire magazine back in 2013, she explained she picked up the hobby during handwriting classes in an all-girls Catholic school and used her skill to support herself in the early years of her acting career. “I didn't wait tables,” she explained to the magazine. “I did calligraphy for the invitations for, like, Robin Thicke and Paula Patton's wedding.” If she used the same style as found in the Luminary Bakery's letter, surely they were very happy with the result!

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