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Princess Madeleine of Sweden’s talks about her royal life in Miami

The Princess revealed surprising details of her everyday life in the U.S.

It might seem hard to believe, but Prince Nicolas and Princesses Leonore and Adrienne have no idea that they belong to a royal family. Their mom Princess Madeleine of Sweden, who is married to American financier Chris O’Neill, revealed this surprising information (and lots more details!), about her family life in Florida during an interview for Swedish magazine Mama. The royal beauty talks about Leonore’s ballet classes and Nicolas’ soccer training like any mother would, making clear her life in the US isn’t anything like what you’d expect from someone who lives in a literal palace back home. In Miami, they apparently live like a very normal family of five.

Princess Madeleine of Sweden on Mama magazine cover©@ princessmadeleineofsweden
The princess posed with her adorable children, Prince Nicolas and Princesses Adrienne and Leonore

The magazine cover shows a smiling Madeleine and her three adorable kids, with a headline that pretty much sums up her daily routine, “I want to home with my kids as much as I can.” Being able to spend an afternoon in the park is one of the things she enjoys the most, something that, her mother Queen Silvia could not do as much as she would have liked to back in the days, due to her official royal commitments.

Princess Madeleine and her husband Chris share household chores and negotiate who is in charge of what. If the Swedish royal is with Adrienne in the mornings, Chris will make breakfast for Leonore and Nicholas, and he always finds time for bedtime stories.

Princess Madeleine Childhood Foundation series©Getty Images
Madeleine of Sweden married businessman Chris O’Neill in 2013 and now lives with him and their three children in Miami

Madeleine and Chris wake up very early in the morning to face a day full of adventures, school, ballet, soccer, tennis, playtime in the park and… well, crashing out for siestas! On the weekends, it´s time to celebrate with treats, popcorn and chips, just like they did back home.

Even though they are already a family of five, they could still add a new member! As the Princess herself recalls, she had the perfect birthday gift in mind for her husband: a puppy! But all the plans were postponed when they found out Madeleine was pregnant with Princess Adrienne. Now that things are back to normal, (as normal as it can be with three small children), the time for a new furry friend is just around the corner.