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Thailand King strips royal consort of all her titles

Thailand’s King Vajiralongkorn has stripped his royal consort Sineenat Wongvajirapakdi of all her titles for “misbehavior and disloyalty against the monarch.” He also accused her of undermining and plotting against his wife Queen Suthida.

Thailand royal consort©AFP
The King of Thailand’s royal consort was stripped of all her titles.

Sineet was previously appointed the King’s royal consort in July two months after he wed his longtime partner Queen Suthida in May. According to the palace, the 34-year-old royal consort had "shown resistance and pressure in every manner to stop the appointment of the Queen” before her coronation.

Sineet has many accomplishments—she is a trained pilot, nurse, bodyguard and was named the King’s Royal Noble Consort, a title that had not been bestowed on anyone for nearly a century, according to BBC News. She was reportedly given this title “in hopes of relieving the pressure and a problem that could affect the monarchy.”

Before becoming Queen, Suthida was a flight attendant and had been the King’s deputy commander of his bodyguard unit. This year, he shared news that he had wed Suthida and made her Queen before his coronation.

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King Vajiralongkorn stripped Sineet’s titles, accusing her of being “disloyal” to the monarchy

Sineet’s downfall was attributed to "resistance against the king and the queen.” According to the statements, the King also learned the 34-year-old consort was ungrateful, and he believed she was not behaving appropriately according to her status."

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