Kate Middleton calls iconic royal moment slightly terrifying

Kate Middleton says this iconic royal moment was ‘slightly terrifying’

The Duchess of Cambridge recently sat down for her first-ever podcast interview

It’s been over six years since Prince William and Kate Middleton famously introduced their first child, Prince George, to the global media outside of the Lindo Wing of St Mary's Hospital. At the time, the Duchess of Cambridge emerged from the door and onto the steps looking fresh and gorgeous in a polka dot Jenny Packham dress as she proudly carried her newborn son. Recalling the iconic royal moment during her first podcast interview with Happy Mum, Happy Baby host Giovanna Fletcher, the Duchess said it was “slightly terrifying.”

Kate Middleton and Prince William welcomed their first child in 2013©WireImage
Kate Middleton and Prince William welcomed their first child in 2013

“I’m not going to lie,” Kate laughed. “Everyone had been so supportive and both William and I were really conscious that this was something that everyone was excited about, and we were hugely grateful for the support that the public has shown us.” “For us to be able to share that joy and appreciation with the public I felt was really important,” she added. “But equally it was coupled with a newborn baby, and sort of inexperienced parents, and the uncertainty about what that held, so there were all sorts of mixed emotions.”

The Duchess was eager to leave the hospital and head home with then-baby George. She confessed, “I was really desperate to get home and get back to normality.” Kate, who suffered from “very bad” morning sickness during her pregnancy, admitted, “I’m not the happiest of pregnant people.” Though she noted that she “actually really quite liked labor.” She explained, “Because it was an event that I knew there was going to be an ending to.”

The Duchess opened up about introducing Prince George to the world during her podcast interview©Getty Images
The Duchess opened up about introducing Prince George to the world during her podcast interview

After Prince George made his debut, William and Kate happily departed the hospital with their bundle of joy in tow. Giovanna told the Duchess, "I can remember just sitting and watching and waiting for you to come out of hospital and it was that massive feeling of celebration. Also, the Duke when he put Prince George in the car, that was seamless." Although it might have looked seamless, the royal mom of three revealed that to it took some practice. Kate shared, “[William] probably didn't think so at the time! We were like 'What do we do? In a swaddle?' 'How's this supposed to work?' We'd even tried to practice with a little baby, like a little doll, at home but you know it just never works out the way you planned it so it was quite hard to do that I think on the world's stage, but no, he did a very good job."

The Duke and Duchess have since welcomed Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis to their family. Kate admitted that adding a third child made things like getting into the car a challenge. “You’re pulled in all sorts of directions,” she said, while later noting, “I’m such a hands-on mom and whatever you’re doing you want to make sure you’re doing the utter most best job you can for your children.” During the candid exchange, Kate also revealed that she is happy when she is with her “family outside in the countryside and we’re all filthy dirty.”