Queen Maxima and Angela Markel©Getty Images

Queen Maxima and Angela Merkel have hilarious misunderstanding over France

It’s France, not Franz.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel had quite the blunder this week while attending the annual United Nations General Assembly in New York. While discussing France matters with Dutch royal Queen Maxima, the German Chancellor (LOL) mistook the country of France for a man named Franz. Let me explain.

Queen Maxima and Angela Merkel©Getty Images
Queen Maxima and Angela Merkel had funny interaction over a France matter

After the two powerful women attended the global meeting, they had a chat outside in front of onlookers. In the video, you can hear Queen Maxima tell the German Chancellor about her talks with France. “I’ve spoken to France just now,”she tells Angela, who responds with: “Which Franz?” Emphasis on the Z.

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The Dutch Queen is noticeably confused during the exchange and explains that she met with French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire and the President of France Emmanuel Macron. She says to Angela, “With France, about the environment. With the Minister of Finance and now Macron.”

Dutch royal couple in Berlin©Getty Images
The two women were attending the United Nations General Assembly in New York

In the end, the German Chancellor finally understood and replied with: "Ah, with France, not Franz." Oh, Angela!

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