Kate Middleton gets real about hectic life quarantining with a toddler

Prince Louis’ cheeky quarantine behavior revealed

The Cambridges are staying in touch with family online amid the COVID-19 pandemic

Prince Louis is one cheeky toddler! Kate Middleton and Prince William opened up about the “ups and downs” of self-isolating with their children. “It gets a bit hectic, I’m not going to lie, with a two year old,” the Duchess of Cambridge confessed in a rare interview with BBC. Prince William went on to reveal that Louis, who turns two on April 23, enjoys ending their video calls. “For some reason he sees the red button and always wants to press the red button,” the Duke shared.

Cheeky Prince Louis likes pressing the red button during his parents' video calls©Matt Porteous/Kensington Palace
Cheeky Prince Louis likes pressing the red button during his parents’ video calls

The royal family has been staying connected with relatives “online” while separated because of coronavirus pandemic. “It’s been a really good way of keeping in touch and seeing each other. As you can imagine, the younger generation are a little bit more tech-savy. But only just,” William said. “I think we’re getting there now, the family are getting a little bit more used to being able to contact each other and pressing the right buttons and not dropping the computer halfway through.”

Something else the Cambridges have adjusted to is homeschooling. Prince George and Princess Charlotte, who are students at Thomas’s Battersea, began homeschooling in March due to the COVID-19 outbreak. “Yeah homeschooling’s fun,” William laughed. Kate admitted that she felt “very mean” for depriving her kids of an Easter break.

Though the Cambridge children are young, they are aware of what is taking place in the world. Kate said, “George is much older than Louis is, but they are aware, I think I’m always surprised. Although you don’t want to scare them, and make it too overwhelming, I think it is appropriate to acknowledge it in the simple ways, and in age-appropriate ways.”

The Duchess continued, “But the children have got such stamina, I don’t know how honestly. You get to the end of the day, you write down all the list of things you’ve done in that day. You sort of pitch a tent, take the tent down again, cook, bake, you get to the end of the day, they’ve had a lovely time. But it is amazing how much you can cram into one day, that’s for sure.”

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