Sandra Echeverría y Meghan Markle

Sandra Echeverría recalls her friendship with Meghan Markle and reveals possible reasons for her royal step-down

The Mexican actress shares details of the friendship and Meghan had when they lived in L.A.

While promoting her new film Las Píldoras de mi Novio (My Boyfriend’s Pills) alongside Jaime Camil, Sandra Echeverría shared details about her friendship with Meghan Markle. Yes, you read that right. Before becoming a royal, she and Meghan shared a beautiful friendship in which they dreamt of one day becoming renowned actresses. This was a special time in their lives that the Mexican actress remembers with great affection and of which she revealed very interesting details.

Sandra Echeverría©@sandraecheverriaoficial
Sandra Echeverría shared a sweet friendship with Meghan Markle

During a pleasant chat with Tania Charry of El Gordo y la Flaca (Univision), Sandra was encouraged to tell very particular situations about the personality of the Duchess of Sussex that many perhaps did not know about her.

La Usurpadora protagonist arrived in search of her future career ten years ago and confessed that at some point, she wanted to give up her dreams, and it was precisely the Duchess who became her unconditional support at that time.

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“We were two friends, who at the same time were frustrated because this world of auditions was very complicated, and we said: 'one day it will happen.’ She was also alone like me in this city because her father was far away, and her mother was very busy, ” she recalled.

When asked about the possible reasons for which she chose to opt-out of British royalty, Sandra recognized in her a humble woman who today can’t escape the public eye.

Meghan Markle y Harry©@sussexroyal
Meghan and Harry continue to be on the spotlight following their royal step-down

According to Sandra, Meghan missed her daily routine, calm with simple pleasures.

“Look, because she is a very simple girl. She loved to go for a walk, do her yoga, do her shopping, do the things you do in your normal life, you know, so when I saw that, I said: 'I don't know if she’s going to withhold', she’s going to miss her normal way of living, going out to the street to buy and pick her tomatoes, she grew her fruits, her vegetables in her garden, ”she said.

Her son made his film debut

Andrés, Sandra’s four-year-old son, already had his first cameo on the big screen. The boy had a part with his mother in the film Las Píldoras de mi Novio, which she stars alongside Jaime Camil.

Sandra Echeverría y su hijo Andrés©@sandraecheverriaoficial
El hijo de Sandra Echeverría, Andrés, debutó en el cine con cuatro años

“He comes out in a little part, but he makes his cameo. It was great, he loves it," said the Mexican star about her child's debut.