Spanish Princesses Leonor and Sofia have to follow new school rules

Spanish Princesses Leonor and Sofia have important new rules to abide by at school

Queen Letizia’s daughters will have to avoid generating waste like other students

Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía’s school is going green. According to Monarquía Confidencial, Santa María de los Rosales, which Queen Letizia and King Felipe’s daughters are students of, is implementing a zero waste program for all school breaks. The initiative called “Residuo Cero (Zero Waste)” began last September, but reportedly went into effect on Monday. Students, including the Spanish Princesses, will have to bring “snacks without any residue,” like a water bottle for drinks instead of a plastic bottles, and tupperware rather than single-use containers such as foil and plastic. In order to avoid generating any type of waste, students will also be required to bring food from home.

The Princesses' school has implemented a zero waste program©GC Images
The Princesses' school has implemented a zero waste program

Back in 2019, students tested bringing food from home in reusable containers, which proved to be a success. Per Monarquía Confidencial, one of the reasons “Residuo Cero” is being enforced is to support Teachers for Future Spain (Profes por el Futuro), which is a group of teachers who are concerned with climate change and the environment, and carry out actions to change the management of schools and develop environmental education.

Queen Letizia and King Felipe's daughters attend Santa Maria de los Rosales in Madrid©GC Images
Queen Letizia and King Felipe's daughters attend Santa Maria de los Rosales in Madrid

Queen Letizia and King Felipe are no doubt pleased with the zero waste program. The royal dad of two has been vocal about the importance of tackling climate change. Back in December, the royal couple hosted a reception for participants of the 2019 United Nations Climate Change Conference, where Felipe delivered a speech saying, "There are no borders that can protect us from the effects of climate change. We cannot postpone decision-making. We must act from shared leadership, firmly,” adding, “The fight against climate change represents a great opportunity that we must seize: ecology and economy are not incompatible, but quite the opposite." Meanwhile, Letizia is known for her sustainable fashion ways, i.e. recycling glamorous looks on various occasions—something she is clearly teaching her young stylish daughters.

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