Marc Anthony sings with dad

Musical icon and Puerto Rican super star Marc Anthony recently opened up about his relationship with his father, Felipe Muñiz.

Marc attributed his own love for music to his dad: "My father is the reason I started making music.” It was Felipe who taught Flaco, as Marc is affectionately called, “that you never stop being a musician.” He also always showed love, compassion and consistency as a father and family man. The OPUS singer reflected on his dad’s influence on the meaning of family and the value of being a gentleman.

Check out the video to discover how Felipe became Marc’s perfect example in life and music.

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Marc Anthony has five biological children and an adopted son, and despite currently being single, he has a very close relationship with all his children and former wives (Dayanara Torres, Jennifer Lopez and Debbie Rosado). Flaco is one of five siblings himself!

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