Prince William and Princess Charlotte

Breaking news: Prince William does not know how to do a ponytail. During his seriously adorable visit to Blackpool with Kate Middleton, the Duke of Cambridge had very important matters to attend to regarding the Blackpool community—he spoke with members about the social and mental health issues faced by the community and learned about the town's housing problems. But there was another topic of discussion the Duke addressed during his visit: Princess Charlotte's hair. 

During his visit to Blackpool on Wednesday morning, Prince William admitted to a local father that he doesn't know how to style Princess Charlotte's hair

While speaking to members of the public, Prince William spoke to a fellow father about—wait for it—hair. The local dad who belongs to the Dads 4 Life group admitted to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge how difficult it is to style his little girl's hair. It's so difficult that he's had to resort to watching YouTube tutorials. 

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And like the relatable dad that he is, Prince William totally got it and chimed in. According to People, he told the man to stay away from a specific hairstyle. “Never try to do a ponytail!” he told the dad. “Nightmare.” Kate then added to the conversation. “Have you tried to do a plait [braid]? It’s the weaving…really hard,” she asked.

And then the truth came out—Prince William finally admitted that he can only somewhat, kind of, but actually probably not pick up Charlotte's hair into a ponytail. “I can do a ponytail," he said. "But that’s about it as I don’t have enough hair to practice on!”

He described the ponytail as a "nightmare" 

Until the next royal engagement, we'll be picturing Prince William trying (LOL) to style Charlotte's hair. 

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