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International Kissing Day: proven health benefits of giving someone a kiss

Find here what experts say about how kissing can improve your overall health

Every year we celebrate International Kissing Day on July 6, a day dedicated to giving more love and kisses, even if it is to your pet or kissing yourself on the hand. Although many might find it weird, according to science, kissing has mental and physical benefits.

After surviving 2020 and celebrating that many people worldwide are vaccinated against the coronavirus, getting your smooch on is appropriate for today.

Find below what experts say about how kissing can improve your overall health.

Kissing makes you happier

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Have you heard of the ‘happy hormones’? According to experts, when you are kissing someone, your brain releases chemicals called oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin. These act as a feel-good cocktail that ignites pleasure and makes you feel euphoric and with the mood of giving and receiving more affections.

Kissing has a positive impact on your self-esteem and relieves stress

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A person who feels happy will be aware of their self-worth. According to a 2016 Journal of Behavioral Medicine study, people who have low levels of self-esteem or are not satisfied with their appearance have higher cortisol levels. Therefore, since kissing reduces your body’s primary stress hormone, experts suggest that when under a lot of stress, take some time to bond with a loved one.

Kissing also reduces anxiety

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If kissing helps you manage your stress, it can also do wonders with your anxiety. When you give or receive a kiss from someone you love, the affection will promote relaxation and wellness.

Controls your blood pressure

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When you kiss someone you are crazy about, your heart rate will increase; therefore, your blood vessels will dilate, making your blood pressure decrease.

Soothe headaches and period cramps

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Having a dilated blood vessels combined with low blood pressure will relieve headaches and period cramps.

Kissing strengthens your immune system

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When kissing passionately, people swap spit the whole process exposing you both to germs, and although knowing that our mouths are full of germs isn’t a pretty picture, they strengthen your immune system

Kissing will make your dentist proud

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Did you know that kissing helps prevent cavities? Well, thanks to higher amounts of saliva, you will avoid that food debris sticks to your teeth.

Kissing boosts your sex drive

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Kissing is the top on the list of sexual arousal. Saliva has testosterone; therefore, the more passionately you kiss, the chances of ending in bed are higher.

Kissing makes you younger

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When you kiss, you use between two to 34 facial muscles; therefore, using these muscles often is like a workout for your face.

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