‘Shef’ helps immigrants and refugees to bring the vibrancy of Latin American foods to your neighborhood

‘Shef’ helps immigrants and refugees to bring the vibrancy of Latin American foods to your neighborhood

Making a meaningful income by creating and selling homemade meals

Co-founders Alvin Salehi and Joey Grassia are helping immigrants and refugees to bring the vibrancy of their culture to your neighborhood through Shef, an online marketplace established to help them make a meaningful income by creating and selling homemade meals.

Shef Co-founders Alvin Salehi and Joey Grassia©Shef
Shef Co-founders Alvin Salehi and Joey Grassia

During Hispanic/Latinx Heritage Month, Shef is making it a little easier for us to taste authentic Latin American cuisine. From New York to Los Angeles, cooks across the nation can share their nutritious meals, and you can have a bite —or two— as soon as today!

'Shef' Tania from California©ordershef
Shef Tania was born in Cancun, MX, “The memories that evoke me to cook are the smoke from the open fire, and upholding my mama and abuelita’s cooking of traditional Mayan dishes at family gatherings. Ko’ox janal! Let’s go to eat!”

If you live in Los Angeles, you should try Jorge’s food. He learned to cook by watching and helping his mother cook delicious and flavorful meals, including pork belly, Mexican veggie tacos, and guacamole with chips.

Are you in Washing, D.C? No problem! D.C.-based baker Caitlin combines her love for baking with her upbringing in a Latinx kitchen. She shares a wide array of Latin-inspired baked goods with her local community, including salted caramel brownies, peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, and so much more.

Although this is not a battle between the west and east coast, you need to try New Yorker Laura baked goods. Laura is inspired by the diversity of New York City and her experience working in well-known restaurants across the city. Her passion for learning and growing is one of the main ingredients to create a wide variety of sweets like Mexican chocolate milk Jell-O, Spain-inspired Alfajores, and more.

Meet some of the Shefs

Shef Jorge, Laura and Caitlin©Shef
Shef Jorge, Laura and Caitlin
Shef Jorge
  • “My name is Jorge; I was born in Morelos, Mexico. It is a pleasure for me to be able to share the importance of Mexican culture and what it represents to me. As a child, I helped my mother with her recipes. After I came to America, I began to stand out in the world of cooking by gaining experience cooking all kinds of food. I have discovered that preparing, cooking, and decorating a dish is a form of art. In my experience, I really enjoy being able to see that my family and friends can taste Mexican dishes with that characteristic typical Mexican flavor. It is a pleasure for me to be able to create these types of dishes away from home and share authentic Mexican flavors with a broader audience. I owe it all to my mother and grandmother for their years‑old recipes!
Shef Caitlin
  • “Hi, I’m Caitlin, and I love baking sweet treats for your special occasions! I spent so much of my childhood in the kitchen alongside my mom and abuela, learning the secrets of their desserts. I have always found joy in making delicious food and sharing my baking with others. I believe that baked goods are a celebration — because none of life’s great moments are celebrated with a salad! Cheers!
Shef Laura
  • “I am a self-taught treat artist based in NYC. I was initially inspired by watching a lot of baking shows. I discovered my passion for baking growing up in New York City and working in well‑known restaurants across the city. After Being hired at a boutique cooking school, I became eager to learn as much as possible. While I was there, I learned a lot of techniques and skills that I still use to this day. However, my passion and enthusiasm to learn and grow are still very strong. NYC is gifted with a vast number of cultures and cuisines, to which I have always been fascinated. I am excited about the opportunity to share my passion for baking with all of you.”