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#Celebrating: Embrace the ¡Hola! life and look back at our history

¡Hola! has become an international icon

What started in 1944 in the family room of a newlywed couple has become an icon for the Spanish community and people worldwide. With its 75 years of history many things come to mind when people think of ¡Hola!Magazine. More than a magazine, ¡Hola!has become an international icon of fashion, entertainment, royalty and exclusive interviews that readers and artists hold dear to their hearts and as a result, are not only accepting of being in it but also honored to join the family and long list of stars who have been a part of it.

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In ¡Hola!’s early years its pioneers dreamed of a magazine that would distract readers from the hardships of daily life, and so they focused on entertaining readers by showing the stars in a positive light, focusing on fashion trends and providing insight to people’s lives and homes. With this kind of exclusivity also came the desire to spread ¡Hola! ’s positivity to audiences all around the world and that is why 75 years later, the ¡Hola! brand is much more than a magazine that started in Spain; it is a brand with its own television channel, a magazine within 20 different editions and a reporting agency with its own websites, applications and deep cultural history.

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