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Is Florida the place to be discovered? All these celebs were born or raised in Florida

Some of the Floridians on the list may surprise you!

Singing, acting and athletic talent can be found anywhere, but there are some curious facts that are just hard to ignore. We have taken a closer look at celebrities’ place of birth and a surprising number were born or raised in the Sunshine State: Florida!

From baseball star and Jennifer Lopez's’s fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, to Ariana Grande and Wilmer Valderrama, Florida (and Miami, as you will see) is an international mecca, with the Disney Studios just hours away and beautiful scenery to serve as the perfect backdrp for movies and shows. The entire state seems to provide a unique foundation for those who aspire to “make it big” in Hollywood. Check out the celebrities who were born and/or raised in the Sunshine State and are now international superstars.

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Florida may be mostly known for its beaches and sunny weather, but it seems like the arts play an important role in the lifetyle as well!

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