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The ultimate guide to your puppy’s perfect Halloween costume

How to make sure your furry friend's costume makes him as happy as it makes you!

Halloween: the happiest time of year! Well, this is according to many of us who enjoy the candy holiday with our kiddos, and no, are not just talking about the human kind! We are also talking about the furry kind. A visit to the Halloween store yields plenty of spooky surprises in the costume department, and pet get ups are quite possibly the cutest part of them all. After you are done choosing between a fun, risqué option à la Harley Quinn or something more jovial (unicorn onesie, anyone?), our pet friends need some loving too. We have just the guide to help you.

Canine expert and professor Alexandra Horowitz from Columbia University’s Barnard College is sharing her thoughts and helping YOU find the perfect costume for you four-legged friend.

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According to Alexandra, dogs are not usually thrilled with the idea of wearing costumes, since it is in their genes to reject restrictive wear or body coverings. This is because in the past, these were used as a form of reprimand. With time however, dogs have learned to tolerate some of our human craziness for their own benefit. “It pays off for them because we eventually give them the treat, the attention, the love. Dogs certainly have learned to endure small discomforts for our pleasure.”

When looking for the perfect costume, Alexandra suggests watching out for key signs of discomfort. “If they duck to get away, keep their tail low or ears back, or generally keep their body tight and low, that’s submissive, appeasement behavior.” You should consider replacing the costume for something less restrictive to assure your pet is as confortable as possible.

Wearing costumes that are not comfortable may stress out your pet so making them feel cozy is instrumental in having them enjoy the holiday as much as you enjoy playing with them!

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