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Dive into the deeply rooted celebration of Día de Muertos with new film

Jose Cuervo shines a light on the tradition of Día de Muertos in new documentary

The deeply rooted generational celebration of Día de Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is fastly approaching. The Mexican holiday which starts on Thursday, October 31, and ends on Saturday, November 2, is a gathering of family and friends that honors their loves ones that have passed onto the afterlife.

This year, Jose Cuervo Tradicional will be launching a new film series that looks to capture the celebration at it's heart and bring to the world a small glimspe of everything that goes into this vibrant and beautiful tradition (and Jose Cuervo knows a thing or two about tradition having used the same family recipe for 10 generations).

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For its first documentary, Jose Cuervo enlisted director Mónica Álvarez and producer Paola Villaneuva to help them unveil an intimate look into the story of Lake Pátzcuaro, a town located in Michoacán and known for its vibrant Día De Muertos festivities.

The film follows the story from four distinct viewpoints: the havesting of the cempasúchil (or Mexican Marigolds), the preparation of pan de muerto, conversations with the fisherman who guide the spirits home and the Noche de Muertos festival held on Isla de Janitzio.

“Showcasing authentic Mexican culture is so important to me, not just as a creative but as a woman of Mexican descent,” said Mónica Álvarez, director of the inaugural film. “Partnering with Jose Cuervo to tell this story — the real story of Día de Muertos in Lake Pátzcuaro — is a window into the unique ways that Mexican culture not only shows respect for those that came before, but also how we come together to celebrate and ‘cheers’ the future ahead.”

Jose Cuervo will debut Mónica’s film to the public at the internationally acclaimed San Diego International Film Festival from October 15th to October 20th. Jose Cuervo Tradicional’s full-length documentary will also screen at the Morelia International Film Festival — which Jose Cuervo has supported since its inception in 2003 and takes place in Mexico from October 18th to October 27th.

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