Alessandra Rosaldo

Alessandra Rosaldo and the weight-loss exercises you can do at home

All you need is a jump rope, a watch and determination

Not being able to get to the gym is the excuse many of us use for gaining a few extra pounds. However, actress Alessandra Rosaldo has an exercise routine that will work perfectly on days when you’re only able to work out at home. Eugenio Derbez’s wife shared this effective workout on social media. You’re sure to have a great time doing it, because it will make you recall the time you would jump rope on the school playground.

Alessandra Rosaldo and her trainer get ready to jump rope.©$credits

In addition to being fun, jumping rope is great cardio that allows you to work your legs and your entire lower body. Though it may seem simple, it does have its difficulties. With her personal trainer, Mariana Sánchez-Williams by her side, the actress shows us a combination of seven exercises that will put your endurance to the test and be the perfect addition to your at-home workout.

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The steps:

-Start with 20 seconds jumping rope. Remember to keep both feet at the same level and start to jump as the rope passes under your feet. Keep your abdomen contracted (imagine you need to tuck your belly button into your spine) to improve your posture and prevent lower back pain.

-Jumping Jacks: Starting with your feet together and your arms down, jump to open your legs and lift your arms above your head. You should almost be able to clap your hands. Jump back to the starting position. Do this for 20 seconds. This is the amount of time for beginners. Later, you can gradually increase the amount of time you do each exercise up to one minute or more.

Alessandra Rosaldo and her personal trainer do some jumping jacks©@im_coaching
Jumping jacks put your aerobic endurance to the test and work most of the muscles in your body.

-Sumo lunges: Stand with your legs wide, just beyond shoulder-width apart. Now act like you’re going to sit. You should keep your back as straight as possible without leaning forward. Your toes should be pointing outward, and your knees should stay in front of your shoes. If you’re looking for the advanced version, you can add a jump to this exercise. Do another set with jumps.

-Push-ups: Face the floor and distribute your weight over your four support points (hands and knees or, for the advanced version, hands and feet). Remember that you should keep your hands under your shoulders. Bend your arms and lower your chest as low as you can. Return to the starting position and repeat at a brisk pace for 20 seconds.

Mariana Sánchez in plank position©@im_coaching
Starting in a plank position, do push-ups. This exercise works the whole body, especially your upper body and core.

-High knees: This exercise consists of running in place. Lift your knees as high as you can while maintaining your balance. If you feel like you might lose your balance, don’t lift your knees quite so high. The trick here is keeping your abs contracted.

-Lunges: Start standing up, with your back straight and your feet together. Bring your right leg forward, while your left leg bends until your knee is as close as it can get to the floor without touching. Keep doing this movement in a controlled fashion, alternating legs. Remember that your front knee should never go beyond the front edge of your foot.

A woman does butt kicks©Istock
If done quickly and with good posture, butt kicks will have a great effect on your glutes

-Butt kicks: Similar to high kicks, this exercise requires you to run in place, but this time your heels touch your glutes. Use your arms to balance out the movement. When you’ve done this for 20 seconds, jump rope again.

-Plank: Get on the floor and distribute your weight over the four support points: your hands and the balls of your feet. Your body should be a straight line from your head to your heels. Keep your arms parallel to your shoulders, not an inch higher or lower. Contract your ab muscles and hold for 20 seconds. If this is too difficult, use your forearms for support instead of your hands. You can rest a maximum of 15 seconds between each exercise.

At the end of the routine, the actress expressed her satisfaction and confessed that a year ago, she wouldn’t have been able to complete a routine like this one. Not even a single set. She recommended that everyone looking to get back on the wagon treat their bodies with kindness, patience, and gratitude. That’s the perfect advice for taking on this routine. Now let’s get to it!

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