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This is how Gina Torres is keeping her eyebrows in shape during self quarantine

The Matrix star shares her beauty skills and health tips during social isolation

Gina Torres is not someone who shows up with bad-shaped eyebrows. The Riverdale actress showed her fans she can be a law-abiding citizen while keeping her beauty game on. “Ninja or responsible citizen? Who are we kidding?? I’m a responsible Ninja with a pretty good brow game. 🤨😊 I’m also improvising until my mask arrives. If you must go outside, be a responsible Ninja.” Gina shared with her followers on social media. And while she keeps waiting for her mask arrival, Gina is finding innovative ways to stay healthy.

Gina Torres actress©@iamginatorres
The Matrix star knows how to shape her own eyebrows

The 50-year-old actress has found a way to do at-home tea lattes to avoid the extra cost of luxury lattes. “It’s true. I’m not proud, but I am honest about falling prey to pretentious overpriced tea latte concoctions. Why? Cuz they’re delicious!!! And I don’t drink coffee. They don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. I’m sure your cup of goodness is just a cupboard away.” she shares with her fans with a post showing the ingredients she uses for the perfect chai latte. According to Gina, all you need is a Yogi teabag, organic coconut milk, Cosmic Gold Moon Juice and a splash of Cinnamon Toast Crunch Coffee Mate creamer.

Gina is not the only one embracing the DIY beauty lifestyle with a cup of tea. While the global pandemic keeps makeup artists and beauty technicians in quarantine, many celebrities are recurring to self made beauty rituals. Rosalía recently cut her own bangs and Jennifer Lopez attempted to do her own manicure at home, which took about 8 hours. Gina is proof that you can do your own eyebrows with the right products. Thankfully, companies like Sephora sell beauty kits that will save you tons of money at the salon. The Benefit Cosmetics Full Brow Set is equipped with everything you need to shape your brows. The kit contains brow pencil, volumizing eyebrow gel, a 24-hour brow setter shaping, setting gel mini and shaping stencil to help you get defined brows.

Gina Torres reveals her eyebrow shape©@iamginatorres
Gina also keeps it stylish while gardening

While the TV star continues her beauty routine, she is also giving us major sneak peeks into her future roles. Gina will be leading the cast of The Brides, a drama pilot from Riverdale and will also be guiding the cast in Riverdale season 4 as Mrs. Burble.

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