Kaley Cuoco equitación

Kaley Cuoco loves horse riding. Here's why you should try it

The amazing benefits of The Big Bang Theory actress' favorite sport.

Take a look at Kaley Cuoco's social media and you'll be sure of one thing: she loves animals - especially horses. “The obsession is real, love is deep,” she wrote in a post showing her hugging and kissing one of her huge 'pets.'

It's no secret the actress is real pro in the saddle. Her great admiration and passion for riding has piqued our curiosity and we can't help wondering why she love horses and the sport so much. We did some digging and found riding these majestic creatures is great exercise for both body and mind. Read on to find out why.

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Kaley is at her happiest when taking part in her favorite hobby

Good for your body 

Horse riding has several benefits for your body: it's an outdoor activity that requires you to perform a number of related actions to be able to do it, keeping you constantly moving. And that translates into calorie burning.

Another great thing about The Big Bang Theory star's favorite sport: it improves your posture and ability to maintain balance and coordination. When sitting on a horse, your torso must be completely straight and you need to coordinate your movements with those of the animal. This helps reduce muscle contractions and increases joint elasticity.

And if that wasn't enough, horse riding promotes digestion since your digestive system is stimulated in the same way it is with jogging or walking

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An activity that boosts confidence and self-esteem

Your head will thank you for it

In addition to the physical benefits, you may be surprised to learn the sport is also great for your mind. For starters, it's a great stress-buster. And it helps boost confidence and self-esteem. After all, this is you leading and controlling a powerful and beautiful animal.

Another plus: you need to stay alert to avoid accidents and injuries. This helps improve concentration and forces you to be creative and work your memory. You literally learn something new every session.

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Horse riding keeps the actress focused

The celebrity confessed on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that her six horses have been "the greatest blessing" of her life. "Horse riding is the reason I am so focused, especially in this business. I wouldn't have my career without them," she explained. In addition, riding creates a connection with the animal, activating an emotional response and feelings like respect and trust.

It's also an activity that's practiced in clubs or associations, so you're surrounded by people who share the same passion and interests, so it's great for socializing and sharing with like-minded people. Horse riding is highly recommended for children who have trouble forming relationships.

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Kaley is no stranger to the therapeutic benefits of horse riding