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You need to see this: Kylie Jenner summons mom Kris with a bell after eye surgery

The reality TV star is using a bell to summon her mother when she needs assistance

Kylie Jenner is a young billionaire and self-made entrepreneur, but when it comes to eye Lasik surgery even the most wealthy needs mom. As seen on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the reality TV star is bedridden while Kris Jenner assists her daughter with basic needs. Though Lasik surgery takes about day a full day of recovery, the first few hours can be unpleasant as you can’t see your surroundings. Thankfully, Kris offered the make-up maven a little bell to ring from bed whenever she needed assistance. Kylie endured eye surgery so she didn’t have to use more eye contacts.

KUWTK episode©E! News
The make-up entrepreneur summons her mom with a little bell

In the trailer, Kylie is seen walking alongside her mother after the surgery and a bit exhausted. The 22-year-old star is wearing a pair of protective eyewear while resting in bed and her mother showing true love and compassion. Of course, Kylie wastes no time to ask for her mom a Mexican-inspired dish - tacos. “I want some tacos.”, said Kylie on the video. While her mom prepares tacos an impatient Kylie rings the bell incessantly. But what makes this upcoming episode extra sweet and funny, is Kris joking around with her daughter. As Kylie tries to take a bite of the taco her mom pulls the food away. The 64-year-old is enjoying herself while she plays around with Kylie. Eventually, the young mogul takes a bite of her mom’s tacos.

Kylie Jenner eye surgery©E! Entertainment
Kylie tells her mom she really wants some tacos.

Kris is known for her specialty cuisine and she published a book in 2014 titled In the Kitchen with Kris: A Kollection of Kardashian-Jenner Family Favorites. The momager provides insightful tips to create luxurious dishes and even her daughter’s favorite bites. While she is cooking her TexMex beef tacos, Kris asks her daughter for specific spices while Kylie continues to ring the bell. No matter how old you are, everyone needs mom and especially a good home-made meal.

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