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Alok Vaid-Menon on using their art to inspire and doing the work for trans youth and the LGBTQ community

Diane Guerrero is a big supporter of Alok and their work

Alok Vaid-Menon is letting their art influence and impress the masses by creating a space for dialogue about themes of gender, race, trauma, belonging and the human condition. The Indian-American mixed-media artist caught the attention of Diane Guerrero with their poetry, prose, comedy, performance, fashion design. “Alok is doing work for trans youth and the LGBTQ community,” the Doom Patrol actress tells HOLA! USA. The Texas-born writer has two books under their name Femme in Public and Beyond the Gender Binary that was released this year.

Earlier this month Diane joined Alok for a virtual book tour and book drive for LGBTQ youth. Demi Lovato also shared about her friend’s accomplishments. “Trans rights are human rights! My friend @alokvmenon has a new book out called #BeyondTheGenderBinary that is a great resource to learn more about how to support trans and gender non-conforming people.,” she wrote in part. “We all deserve to live in a world that celebrates our creativity over our conformity! There’s so many golden nuggets I wish everyone could hear so please please please pick this book up for a great cause and a great read!! 💖💖💖”

Keep reading below to see more about Alok’s hopes and vision for the future.

Diane Guerrero and Alok Vaid-Menon©@dianexguerrero
Diane Guerrero has been a big support of Alok and their art

What was your mission: To create a world that recognizes and celebrates gender and sexual diversity.

How has it grown over the years: I think the mission has been the same, but the method has changed over the years. I‘ve used poetry, performance, prose, media, fashion, so many different ways of getting people to acknowledge and respect gender fluidity.

Best part of doing it: I have such a profound sense of purpose and conviction. Every day is full of so much meaning.

Uplifting message for the future: I believe that man and woman are two of potentially infinite options. Creating a world beyond the gender binary will create a world that celebrates creativity over conformity.

Who uplifts you: Fellow queer and trans artists of color.

Who do you hope to uplift: Trans and gender non-conforming people.

Future goals: Securing trans rights all across the world!

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