Homeschool during coronavirus
Class is in session!

14 hilarious memes that show how parents are dealing with homeschool

This is what happens when the living room becomes the classroom

We get it. A lot is happening during the coronavirus pandemic. Between social distancing, working from home, virtual happy hours, and toilet paper shortages, life as we know it has come to a halt. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have a good laugh while scrolling through the wonderful world of the internet. If anything, that’s what we need! With parents working from home and schools being closed until further notice, many have had to make adjustments to homeschool their children – and let’s just say, it’s been quite the experience for some!

However, parents are poking fun at their new lifestyles and sharing the laughs with the world wide web. Keep scrolling to see some of the funniest homeschooling memes circling the internet, and get ready to LOL. We could all use a good laugh, after all!

1) Apparently, it’s all the parents’ faults.

2) Yikes! Things took a sour turn after day three of quarantine.

3) But day four was something else! How did we get here?

4) It looks like parents are getting creative nonetheless.

5) Why didn’t we think of this?

6) If you think one kid is tough, imagine three under the age of ten.

7) Some may have to rely on the power of music.

8) You can’t underestimate elementary school math!

9) The answer to this is simply: no can do.

10) When lunch (aka take a nap) time because your favorite time of the day!

11) Math seems to be the hardest subject to teach kids.

12) Working from home implies getting work done with 323,243 interruptions.

13) Shonda Rhimes is beginning to understand the worth of educational workers.

14) At least we can all laugh about it at the end of the day!