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Salma Hayek gives rare tour of breathtaking backyard and it’s an animal sanctuary

The Frida icon shared a peaceful video of her dreamy backyard and we wish we were there

Dear Salma Hayek, may we please quarantine with you? The 53-year-old star shared an exquisite virtual tour of her current backyard on Sunday, July 19, dubbing it “#sundayvibes” and “#farmlife.” Salma has been staying at a ranch for some time now, but this is the first detailed look at her farm digs. Though the exact location wasn’t revealed, we basked in the sheer beauty of the A-lister’s outdoor oasis. Boasting gorgeous gardens, stunning stonework and thriving animal life, the sprawling property seems to be an idyllic lockdown.

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Salma Hayek has been living the “#ranchlife”

Birds chirp melodically and a scenic mountainscape winks in the background as Salma captures the expansive land. She first zooms in on a trio of alpaca, roaming a fenced in space in the distance. They’re paralleled by a family of geese who seem to stare off at a pond just behind the wooden fence. The shimmering pond features a small grass island in the middle with horticulture that mirrors the A-lister’s earthy garden view.

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The entire video serves as a meditation, whisking viewers off into Salma’s zen world. This is not the first time she’s hinted at her current farm state of mind. In fact, just this week the star shared a snap of her looking like a rancher in a cowgirl hat and braids. A german shepherd lovingly hugs her in the photo as alpacas clammer behind. “Animals and nature always make me happy,” she captioned the picture.

Even more recently, Salma continued her “#ranchlife” collection by sharing news that she has a black bunny named lullaby. This was the second new addition of the summer, as the Oscar-nominee kicked off June with news that she rescued a mare from the slaughterhouse, showing the female horse on a farm.