Drink up: this Latinx party game is looking to make sure your next event is lit

Tragos wants to get your party going while also honoring your heritage in a cheeky way

Tragos: The party gamesolo para Latinos wants to help take your family gatherings to the next level and get them encendió (lit in Dominican), but also wants to honor what makes being Latinos great.

The card game that was created by Carolina Acosta earlier this year seeks to make us laugh at the nuances what we all share — bringing us that much closer together.

Think of it like a version of Never Have I Ever, but with some serious Latino flair. In the game, you pick a card from the deck and drink when the card requires it (ensuring that everyone gets fully into the party mode).

The game is great for gathering both big and small

In an interview with We Are Mitú, Carolina shares, "Tragos was born out of an appreciation I gained after visiting South America for the first time. I fell in love with my culture again after having almost forgotten what it was to be a Latina."

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After her trip she met and became friends with John Lim and through several conversations, the game was born and was brought to life for everyone to enjoy.

Each box has 110 cards, each card possessing a reference that only Latinxers would understand.

Although the founder of the game was born in New York, the game was truly a collaborative effort by bring Latinx minds from several cultures together (Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Mexico) to truly make it special.

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