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Not just for nerves: 6 benefits of chamomile that you probably didn’t know about

Looking for a natural health remedy? This medicinal plant has myriad health benefits that may come as a surprise to you

Chamomile tea is a health go-to for many people looking for something to calm their nerves or stomach. And it turns out that this medicinal plant has a whole host of other benefits that you probably didn’t know about. Its anti-inflammatory, pain-killing and antispasmodics properties put it at the top of the list for stomach pains but it’s also great for skin conditions, hair and even the psyche and the immune system.

Thanks to its calming and antiseptic properties, chamomile is great for soothing various skin problems, such as burns, injuries, psoriasis and eczema. And due to its antioxidant components it can unify skin tone, clearing dark spots and imperfections, adding radiance to the face. It’s perfect for incorporating in homemade beauty routines, to fight acne, reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes and even slow down cellular aging, since it promotes the production of collagen. Make a strong infusion of it in hot water then allow to cool and apply it to your skin with a cloth or cotton wool.

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Chamomile helps soothe skin problems such as burns, injuries, psoriasis and eczema

Hair benefits

If seborrhea (inflamed, itchy skin) is a problem on your scalp then a rinse of camomile could also be a great solution. Use it as a final, cool rinse after washing your hair normally and you should find it calms your condition and promotes a healthy scalp and hair growth. It will also help seal your hair cuticles and will leave your hair shiny with a pleasant aroma. It also has lightening properties so if you use it often, your hair will be left with natural-looking, lighter highlights.

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The herb, particularly in tea form, is generally known as great help in times of stress

Sleep savior

Camomile also has a mild natural sedative effect which means that, in times of stress, it is a really powerful ally as it can help calm the nervous system and reduce anxiety. It’s great to take before going to bed as it will help you relax and get to sleep easily – so it’s the perfect weapon against insomnia too.

Camomila can help combat stomach cramps©Wenn
Its antispasmodic and painkilling properties make it a great drink to take if suffering from PMS

Easing menstrual symptoms

It’s well known to help the digestive process, especially when something disagrees with us or we have annoyances like flatulence, diarrhea, dizziness, nausea or sickness. It can help reduce infections of the digestive tract and benefits the intestinal flora, helping reduce bloating and other discomforts.

Plus, its antispasmodic and painkilling properties also help to relax the uterus, reducing the production of prostaglandins – substances that cause inflammation and pain. So it’s ideal to drink during that time of the month when pain can become a major issue for some women.

An immune system boost

One way to fight stuffy noses, colds and throat pain is to prevent them in the first place by taking chamomile regularly. Thanks to its high content of phenolics and other elements such luteolin, chlorogenic acid and quercetin is great for fighting infections and stimulating the immune system.

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