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Birthday girl Shakira reveals hilarious life hack ahead of Super Bowl

The ‘Waka Waka’ hitmaker showed us what to do when rain strikes and you don’t have an umbrella

International superstardom hasn’t smothered Shakira’s resourceful nature. The down-to-earth singer has kept herself in check, seemingly not sweating the small stuff, like when it rains and there’s no umbrella in sight. Shakira took to social media late on Saturday, February 1 to share a hysterical clip of her turning limones into limonada. It seems nothing’s going to rain on the freshly 43-year-old’s super birthday bowl weekend!

Don't rain on Shakira's parade!

“Gotta be resourceful!” she typed in dual-languages alongside the video. Casually dressed in a green sweater and athletic shorts, the mom-of-two walks through what appears to be a rehearsal space in Miami. She cheekily smiles at her replacement umbrella: an oversized box! “So this is the life of a pop star, huh?” her filming friend asks. “Yes, there’s no umbrella,” Shakira replies. “That’s how we do it in Colombia!”

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira©@shakira
Shakira and Jennifer Lopez are ready to rule the halftime show

The pair went on to joke that they couldn’t afford to buy an umbrella because they blew the entire budget on her upcoming Super Bowl halftime show with Jennifer Lopez. While their highly-anticipated performance will be pricey, it’s grounded in an important intention: “To show what a relevant force the Latin community is in this country,” Shakira told reporters, “and how much we have to offer, our idiosyncrasies, our culture that is so unique and so diverse.”

It’s a celebratory weekend for Shak, as she not only takes to the Hard Rock stadium in Miami for football’s biggest game on February 2, but simultaneously marks her birthday. Of course, age is just a number. “I think JLo and I are really redefining paradigms of age and race,” the Colombian singer said. “It doesn’t matter where we come from—what matters is our message and what we have to say.”