¡Dios Mio! First fully bilingual card game

¡Dios Mio! The first bilingual card game made for the Latinx Community

This is FITZ Games’ most anticipated release of this season

Al fin – finally – a fully bilingual comedy card game for the Latinx’s community. Move over ‘Cards Against Humanity’! There is a new card game in town: ¡Dios Mio! made for and by the Hispanic community. Now, we can proudly say that dark humor party games have gotten event better. Family and friends will have a total blast.

Take a sneak peak:

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The Objective:

  1. The objective of the game is to mix and match question and answer cards and gain points for the funniest, most surreal combinations.
  2. Many Latinx’s relate to so many of the combinations, that they think their own parents could have written the questions and answers on the cards.
  3. Base Game includes 420 cards for you to laugh and enjoy with friends and familia.

The interactive game promts players with hilarious dares such as, “Find the national anthem of your family’s country and sing it aloud” and questions like “My white friends don’t understand …” Its about time the Hispanih community had a game made just for them.

Additionally, Cuban, Puertorriqueña y Sucias expansion packs are also available to purchase individually. Some even have the option to personalize and spice the game up a bit.

¡Dios Mio!™ - Mexicana Expansion Pack©Fitz Games

Available to pre-order now ($25), over 10,000 game sets have already been preordered, making it one of FITZ Games’ most anticipated releases!

Regarding the creators, FITZ Games was founded in 2019. It came onto the party game scene with their first title ‘The Chosen One’, a Jew-ISH comedy card game written by a team of friends in Los Angeles to celebrate Jewish humor and culture. Starting small, the team launched the game, which took off and was picked up by Walmart.com, Amazon and other retailers - selling out during the holidays in 2019.

Coming off their first title, FITZ Games has been on a mission to build diversity and community around comedy and games. Their team has expanded, bringing in diverse writers to develop community-centric games. Current + upcoming games include: The Chosen One , 420-themed HotBox, ¡Dios Mio!, The Queer Agenda, which was written exclusively by a diverse group of LGBTQ+ writers, HorrorBox, a horror movie and pop culture card game, and Basic Betch, the girls-night themed card game.

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