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Signals from the universe!

Astrologist Valerie Mesa on how to find love with help from the cosmos

The last period of Mercury retrograde is here!

Did you know that according to astrology, when Mercury goes retrograde, you can start feeling lethargic, chaotic, restless, unfocused, and anxious? Good communication with your significant other might be challenging, and frustration, stress, and impatience can push you to make temperamental decisions.

The good news is that the last period of Mercury retrograde of 2020 is here, and according to Chispa’s resident astrologer, Valerie Mesa, this can have effects on love. Luckily, the expert shared with HOLA! USA, all the tips on finding love and how to be confident with signals from the universe.

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M E R C U R Y R E T R O G R A D E 🦂 The last Mercury retrograde of the year—and the messenger god's final retrograde journey through a water sign until 2022—a series of powerful revelations will be intuitively transmitted during this time. That is, as long as you’re open to receiving them, of course. Despite the petty superficialities brought to you by Mercury retrograde, (i.e. miscommunications, technology glitches, exes resurfacing, etc.) the main objective is to stop, observe & acknowledge what's being brought to your conscious awareness. Thanks to the deeply probing & penetrative mind of Mercury in Scorpio, what was once hidden, concealed & subliminal to the eye, is now crystal clear. ⠀ Stationing retrograde at 11 degrees Scorpio, while opposing Uranus, there's a powerful synergy taking place between the lower mind (Mercury) + the higher mind (Uranus). Mercury Rx in Scorpio is a sharp, merciless detective & Uranus is ready to rebel & expose whatever's stifling our freedom. Haven't you ever stopped, looked around, & wondered... what's REALLY going on? I mean, REALLY... what's the truth & where's the lie? It doesn't matter which way you look at it—personally or collectively—there are skeletons in everyone's closet, but what was once hidden or suppressed is slowly but surely coming to light. ⠀ Clever Mercury will be in harmony with Neptune upon kicking off its retrograde journey, which allows us to dig deeper in the subconscious. I know this sounds like an episode of "Black Mirror," but there are so many things we don't know. Remember, Neptune is symbolic of our unconscious & the spiritual realm, but with Scorpio's ruler, Pluto, sitting alongside Jupiter-Saturn in Capricorn, this is where we ask ourselves...Who's REALLY in control? Is there something unconsciously influencing us, not to mention manipulating our thoughts? Who/what/where have we been giving all of our power away to? The plot will certainly thicken. ⠀ There are shadows living & breathing all around you. Just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they haven’t been there all along. Confront whatever comes to the surface during this time; revel in the journey to self-discovery. 📷 @moonjube

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HOLA! USA: How Astrology ties into finding a romantic connection?
Valerie Mesa: When it comes to a dating app like Chispa, which is the first application that’s ever brought that component where you can find someone that shares similar backgrounds, similar culture. I feel like it’s very similar to astrology, which is how it ties in because astrology is an excellent tool to cultivate self-awareness.

When you get to know yourself through the lens of astrology, whether it be, knowing your sun sign, your moon sign, your Venus sign, more specifically when it comes to love, you’re learning about yourself, and at the end of the day, your birth chart is an exact screenshot of the sky the day you were born.

There’s no such thing as another you. So that is what makes you unique and astrology really shows that, and it puts a magnifying glass and all those beautiful attributes that you bring to the table, and I think that is a conversation starter. I feel like it boosts your confidence and helps you feel comfortable in your skin. It makes things flow a lot easier, which ties back to the application because especially for Latinos — I like to feel when someone feels at home. I can communicate, and everything can flow, and I think that the same thing happens with astrology when you know your sign, and you know what you bring to the table and what you’re looking for, etc.

What Latinx singles should look for from an astrology perspective as we approach the cuffing season and the last Mercury retrograde of 2020?
Well, for Mercury, you‘re talking about the planet of communication. So, communication is huge in a relationship, and when it comes to dating, you want to make sure that you’re clear with your approach with your delivery. And I think that sometimes with mercury retrograde, things could be swept under the rug or be misunderstood. That’s what tends to happen with mercury retrograde — sometimes exes come back from the past as well because mercury kind of brings back the past, and realistically, what it does is that it wants us to review something. Mercury is taking a step back, slowing down, because it wants us to reassess the situation. So, I think that for Latinos — and anyone really — I think this is a time for you to reflect on what it is that you want to work on.

How do I know if a person’s zodiac sign is compatible with mine?
Realistically if you want to know more in-depth, you will have to work with an astrologer. You‘re going to have a composite chart done. Here, you blend both birth charts, and you see the synergy between both people. But one thing you could look for is the elements; the elements are huge, for instance, fire, earth, air, and water. If, for example, you are an Aquarius, you’re an earth sign. So looking for fellow air signs is already something that can help you and it can be beneficial because there’s no better feeling than being in your element.

Compatible moon signs also, your moon determines your emotions, how you feel comfortable, your Venus, there are different little components, but I would start with the elements and if your rising signs are compatible too, that’s excellent.

What is the importance of intention setting to have confidence when making a connection?
In my opinion as an astrologer and as someone who is spiritual, everything starts with intention. When you step into a situation, your intention is everything. And with astrology, when it comes to finding love, I am really intending on flowing with the experience, opening your heart to that moment, because every connection is sacred. There’s something serendipitous within every connection with everyone you meet; nothing happens out of coincidence; everything happens for a reason. When you open your heart to every experience, and you intend on really surrendering to that and seeing what comes out of it that’s really key.

For those who want to start their journey of online dating, do you suggest a ritual?
I wouldn’t. I feel like the mind is so powerful already, and I know that it may be a cliche answer, but putting your zodiac sign on your bio, describing what you bring to the table, and making you special, what makes you unique. Especially for women, what makes you feel flirtatious, what makes you happy, and sexy. Getting to know yourself through astrology can open Pandora’s box. Go to the application, and put your zodiac sign on your profile.

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