Barack Obama Martha's Vineyard home

The Obamas will reportedly buy a $15 million summer home

Michelle and Barack will be Martha's Vineyard's newest residents

Former U.S. President Barack Obama and wife Michelle Obama are on the market… for a new home! The pair was spotted eyeing a home in the upscale, beach town of Martha’s Vineyard. Since the Obama’s ended their eight year presidential run in 2017 they have been enjoying life to the fullest, taking family vacations, dropping off their daughters in college and providing us with plenty of humor and entertainment — have you checked out their 2019 Summer playlist?! 

Now of course the couple is used to vacationing in extravagant places and space is likely not an issue at their current home — but one might think that every private residence might seem a bit small when comparing it to the White House, don’t you think? So the next item on the Obama’s non-presidential agenda seems to be the purchase of a summer home in Massachusetts — where they spent their summer and just fell in love with the 29-acre lot. 

So what exactly do you get with a 29-acre lot? Short answer: plenty! Long answer? Take a look:

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A property in the upscale neighborhood wouldn’t be a first time the former President and First Lady own a home in the area, the family owned a home there for several years and sold it in 2018… seems like they’ve missed the place! This summer the couple was stuck renting on the Vineyard like most of us normal folks, but the seven bedroom, nine bathroom, chef’s kitchen, 29-acre beachfront property with two guest wings (yes — guest, not west) are far from our normal folks budget. 

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The home is currently owned by Wyc Grousbeck, the owner of the Boston Celtics basketball team, and is on the market for $17.75 million, although the Obamas offered just below the asking price coming in at $14.85 million. 

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