Eva Longoria Hollywood film awards

The Main Screen: Eva Longoria shines beyond Desperate Housewives

Eva Longoria has become a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood, from modeling, to acting, to directing. The former Desperate Housewives’ star is breaking barriers in the Hollywood industry and surprising us daily with her latest endeavors. 

As you most probably remember, Eva Longoria rose to fame as ‘Gabriela Solis’ when Desperate Housewives took the American television industry by storm. 


Prior to her appearance in Desperate Housewives, Eva had had a typical Texas upbringing and participated in several beauty pageants, eventually being crowned as Ms. Corpus Cristi. Today the Mexican-American star has starred in multiple Hollywood headliner’s, has a Masters degree in Chicano studies and her name is well known in the industry, and the world. 

Overall, Eva is fading further and further away from her iconic Gabriela Solis role and letting her other roles take the spotlight. Eva is known for her philanthropic work, her cute posts with son Santiago Enrique, and for her killer body. 

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