Marielis Ramos©Marielis Ramos

Marielis Ramos

This Dominican beauty mogul found the strength to emerge from deep depression and tragedy to build one of the most successful haircare lines

Following a tragic car accident in 2013, Marielis Ramos was bedridden due to a fracture of her pelvis, femur, and cervical spine. Over 30 blood transfusions and countless operations weakened her body but never broke her faith or blocked her creativity.

From her bed, Ramos found the strength to emerge from deep depression. And after losing her long hair, she set out to regain her self-esteem at all costs. Her hands became her most precious work tool, and with them, she created a shampoo that changed her destiny. The day Marielis regained her mobility, she already knew the first step she would take, going to Buenos Aires to study cosmetic chemistry.

Marielis Ramos©Marielis Ramos

Once she graduated, the Dominican beauty mogul created her company, HAIR PLUS, a haircare line made of 100% natural products without sulfates, silicones, parabens, and the sole mission of helping other women with hair loss problems.

Marielis Ramos©Marielis Ramos

HAIR PLUS has 25 products for all types of hair, which are marketed in different countries in the Caribbean, Latin America, North America, and Europe. As a living symbol of resilience and self-improvement, Ramos never stops moving forward; therefore, she chooses to renew the image of HAIR PLUS entirely, always keeping the successful formulation of her products intact. Clients will enjoy a more sophisticated appearance with a new website, new packaging, and more professional communication.

For Marielies, advancing her community is imperative; therefore, she built a team of over 600 vendors that distribute the products to every corner of the Dominican Republic. Her dream team not only helps Ramos to continue growing her business, but they also can feed their families.

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