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Federica Arévalo

From filmmaker to teaching latinos how to eat vegan and plant-based

Federica Arévalo is a Venezuelan filmmaker living in NYC. She studied at the London Film Academy and has an extensive resume in film: Green Book (Oscar for Best Picture), Jack Ryan, Love Life and more.

In addition to directing her film Tia Juana Light that was part of the Cartagena Film Festival Cine en los Barrios, and more recently the music video for Nella “Voy” with which she won the award for Best New Artist in the Latin Grammy.

Federica arévalo©federica arévalo
Federica worked on the movie Green Book, directed by Peter Farrelly. She was the Script Supervisor.

After many productions, and realizing that food “on set” is not the healthiest, she was motivated to take care of herself and began to understand more about the impact of what we eat and how she shapes not only our health, but the planet‘s , which is why she is in love with plant-based food.

She was so inspired by the importance of what we eat has, not only in our body and soul, but also the environment and innocent animals, that she decided to do something completely outside of her “movie world ”. She set out to teach others how to eat more green through her instagram profile Verde is Better.

She studied Plant-based Nutrition and Gastronomy at eCornell and decided to share a more conscious plant-based life in the real world, inspiring more people to connect with a fun and simple message about consciousness and love for the planet and for ourselves.

The Hola! team had a chance to ask this Venezuelan, Latina Powerhouse, filmmaker turned plant-based advocate a few questions just to share with you!

What inspired you to teach others to eat more plant based meals?

[Federica] Every time I say “I’m vegan” people usually have the same reaction “but, but…but what do you eat?! And, if there is something I’ve learned in film school is to “show, and don’t tell”. So instead of describing a humongous list of delicious and clever dishes you can cook, I started using the tools I’ve got. Showing, through videos, amazing, simple and delicious recipes that anybody (vegan or not) can replicate at home and make them their own. That’s the fuel that feeds me!

How do you combine your passion for film with your passion for food?

[Federica] Filmmaking is a tool, is a language that gives you a voice in which we communicate things that make us connect with one another. It makes us change and grow. But without a message, it gets you nowhere. For a long time I felt that I didn’t have a powerful message; but then I remembered thefrase “talk about what you know, and love”, and looked at my old recipe-making notebook, and thought, ”that’s it!! I’m gonna share my plant based delicious recipes that anyone can make!” and started filming video recipes as a hobby.

She continued...

[Federica] Nowadays, I’m working on a bigger project coming along that mixed these two passions with another one I have: travel. But you will have to stay tuned for that…

Federica - Verde is better©Federica - Verde is better

What is your favorite vegan recipe?

[Federica] There‘s too many! Mushroom Ceviche, Spicy Scrambled Tempeh Tacos, and of course, arepas de vegan Reina Pepiada. Uff! (now I’m hungry).

What advice would you give someone that is considering becoming a vegan?

[Federica] Keep your mind and heart open, and try new things little by little. It’s not about being perfect (none of us are), or living up to a label that makes us feel self righteous. It’s about finding a connection back with ourselves and the planet. Just take it one meal at a time and enjoy learning how something that is good for you, the animals, and the planet, can also be scrumptious and amazing.

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