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Keep your chin up

6 easy ways to prevent ‘tech neck’ caused by looking down at your screen

Fend off a neck lift with these expert beauty tips

The more dependent and attached we become to our cell phones and tablets, the more we find ourselves looking down – and one of the biggest beauty casualties is our neck, whether it’s the appearance of a wrinkly double chin from gazing down at our screens or saggy, dehydrated skin because of lack of care and the effects of our old friend, gravity. Sure you can go for a neck lift or laser treatments, but the best weapon against “tech neck” is prevention! And Goldfaden MD co-founder Lisa Goldfaden has some easy tips to help repair your neck and slow down the aging process. These six tricks will help keep your neck in shape:

1) Keep your chin up! It turns out having good posture is a great way to fight wrinkles, too. So hold your phone or tablet higher than usual when you look at them, and make sure your computer screen is at eye level.

2) SPF is a must for not just your face, but for your neck too. When you are putting on sunscreen, make sure to apply it to your neck and chest area as well as your face. Sun damage prevention is key for all parts of your body that are exposed to the sun.

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3) Do not use anti-aging face creams on your neck. Unfortunately, we can’t assume that one product fits all, so you need to choose a product that is specifically suitable for your neck. “The neck is more delicate than the face, has no pores and cannot absorb many ingredients found in facial products,” explains Lisa.

4) Do choose a cream specifically for neck and décolleté cream with anti-aging ingredients. These can be anything from peptides to oils, and can target issues you are especially concerned with, for example discoloration or crepe skin. And don’t forget about your neck when exfoliating!

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Protect your neck with products made just for your neck: Goldfaden MD’s Plant Profusion Neck Cream ($155), Sisley’s Neck Cream ($185), Ferulic + Retinol Fortifying Neck Emulsion by Dr. Dennis Gross ($75) and iS Clinical’s Neck Perfect ($90)

5) Read the label and know your ingredients. Recommended key ingredients for neck care, and their purposes are:

  • Bird of Paradise extract: evens out discoloration and pigmentation
  • Glycolic acid: an excellent exfoliant which helps with cellular renewal
  • Retinol: rejuvenates skin,
  • Pink grapefruit oil: plumps and increases volume to collagen layers
  • Plant-based stem cells: which help boost collagen and elastin production.

6) Treat the skin on your neck very gently. Use a gentle exfoliant and make sure that when you apply creams you never rub the skin harshly or pull or tug. Apply creams smoothly in a soft, upward motion.

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