Contouring: Beyoncé’s trick for A+ legs with instant results!

Beyoncé works out hard to make her legs look stunning, but her makeup artist Sir John reveals another of her secrets

Gorgeous legs are a blend of genetics, exercise, daily care, and... well, in some cases, some makeup! Body makeup, whether bronzer or illuminator, has become a hot trend over the years and for many of us it's a must-have especially when rocking a mini-dress or shorts on a fun night out. Who better to take inspiration from than Beyoncé, who arguably has the fittest looking legs on the planet? Queen Bey's makeup artist Sir John Barnett revealed how she enhances her already spectacular legs – and it's a familiar technique: contouring!

Sir John, who is a brand ambassador for Alleven skin perfectors has explained that he applies the same principles of light and shadow when contouring legs as he does when he contours a face. For Beyoncé's sexy leg look, which we saw at her iconic Coachella performance, he uses Alleven’s Colour Shield ($80) in a darker shade on both sides of each leg to make them look leaner and longer, then uses a lighter shade to highlight the center for a beautiful enhanced appearance.

Beyoncé con jacket rosa©GettyImages
Beyoncé's makeup artist Sir John used the technique on the artist for her iconic Coachella performance

If you are wondering why you should use makeup instead of self-tanning sprays, for Sir John, the benefits of body makeup are clear. "Self-tanners will give you color, but your bruise or vein or pigmentation will still show through," he told Harper's Bazaar. "Body makeup will give you a perfecting element. It can conceal." His preferred Alleven product dries in just three minutes, is sweat-resistant and stays put for hours without staining.

Beyoncé con vestido color plata©GettyImages
When contouring legs, Sir John uses the same technique as if he would to contour a face

Beyoncé's MUA also recommends good skin prep before applying any type of product, exfoliating and moisturizing as soon as you get out of the shower. "Mix sugar with almond or avocado oil and keep a DIY batch in the shower – this will remind you to exfoliate. When you’ve exfoliated, everything will anchor to your skin longer, whether it be a moisturizer, makeup or a fragrance," he told Harper's.

We don't know about you, but if leg contouring was good enough for Beyoncé at Coachella, it's definitely going to be part of our beauty routine when we prep for our next big night!

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