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Discover the best natural pillows for a restful sleep

The quality of your sleep will depend on more than just being comfortable

While it’s true that the key to health and beauty is sleeping the correct amount of hours and having a restful sleep, you should keep in mind that a critical part of achieving this is your pillow. It ensures that you keep our spinal cord straight, that you relax and release tension to relieve the day’s stress and enjoy a restful night’s sleep without interruption.

But, can you believe that while you sleep, your pillow might release toxic gases? You should know that some manufacturers of memory foam pillows use a foaming process that can generate toxic gases, and to save costs they skip the process of tempering, which makes sure the chemicals that are harmful to your health are evaporated away. This very important step makes producing these specialist pillows take longer and also increases their cost.

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A good night’s sleep is the key to having a productive day

So, when it comes to buying new pillows, you should be sure to do your research and make sure that the manufacturer is one that puts the health of the consumer first. When choosing a pillow you should keep in mind that it is not so much the shape that matters as much as the material that it is made out of both inside and out.

The best idea is to select a quality, natural pillow that is made from spelt husks, organic cotton, ecological wool, or 100% natural latex or latex granules. Here are some examples to help you make the best choice:

Almohada Elativ BestKissen, fabricada con espuma de poliuretano©Natural Power Tech
Ecological, breathable, anti-mite, and anti-allergen

Made with polyurethane foam

Elativ (BestKissen) ($154.70) is a pillow made with polyurethane foam during a special manufacturing process that guarantees the complete absence of chemicals that are harmful to your health. It is breathable, anti-mite, and anti-allergen and machine washable.

It was developed by Austrian chiropractors and its ergonomic design adapts to the neck and back, while also retraining your spine to ensure a night of deep and therapeutic sleep.

Almohadas The Avocado Green Pillow©Avocado Green Mattress
Avocado Green Pillows are made by hand with organic materials that are naturally non-toxic and certified

Made with latex

The Avocado Green Pillow ($79.00) is completely natural and organic, made with bands of latex rubber foam and kapok fiber, generously filled inside a luxurious cotton thread cover. It offers the necessary support and resistance for all sleeping positions since it easily adapts to the neck and head.

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Buckwheat pillows help to keep airways open which decrease the likelihood of snoring

Made of buckwheat 

Buckwheat pillows are filled with buckwheat husks and are ideal for air circulation since they are the opposite of the traditional soft pillow. This allows them to keep the head cool, and are perfect for use in warmer climates. Their benefits include providing support to the neck and alignment of the spine, and the thickness is adjustable since they have a zipper that allows you to add or remove the filling. One option is La Cocarde Verte ($29.30).

It is important to replace pillows frequently - In fact, according to, pillows should be changed every year or two, since during this time there’s a large amount of grease, dust, and bacteria that can adhere to them.

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