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A healthy relationship!

Shawn Mendes admits he’s the reason Camila Cabello started eating vegetables

Shawn Mendes can take credit for influencing Camila Cabello to eat healthier.

Shawn Mendes has proved once again that he is the perfect boyfriend! The 21-year-old heartthrob admitted that he in fact influenced his girlfriend Camila Cabello to live a healthier life. During a fan Q&A on Thursday, October 10, the In My Blood singer revealed that he set the tone for their healthy lifestyle. “She always ate vegetables,” he told fans. “I just eat a lot of vegetables so when she saw me eating a lot of vegetables, she ate more.”

Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendes©Grosby Group
Shawn Mendes shared that he was in fact the reason Camila Cabello started eating vegetables

 In an interview earlier this month, Camila spoke about how her beau inspired her to make the change. “Shawn has influenced me to be healthier,” she told BBC radio. “I was not healthy at all before. I never ate vegetables before. Just like, easy vegetables like cucumbers or cold carrots with cesar. Which I wouldn’t say are hard vegetables.” The 22-year-old swore that she never ate broccoli before her relationship with her Señorita collaborator.

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The Havana singer shared that her beau inspired her to be healthy

“I never ate that until a few months ago.” Shawmila have been putting their healthy love on display since this summer. The pair sparked dating rumors after the release of their chart-topping single. As if the PDA and the lifestyle changes aren’t enough, Shawn shared that their date nights are just as you would expect – cute.

“Camila and I will basically wake up and find the nearest coffee we can,” he told fans during a Q&A in Malaysia last week. “She’ll have basically half a coffee and I’ll have like, three. We’re always in different cities when we hang out with each other.”

He continued: “Probably get some food, then an hour later we’d be like, ‘Are you hungry?’ and we’ll eat again.” The Why singer also revealed that things get cozy while they watch one of the Never be the Same singer’s favorite movies. “Then, probably watch a movie, Tangled. She loves Tangled,”

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