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Kaley Cuoco follows this meal plan to help her attain her great figure

'The Big Bang Theory' actress enjoys a diet rich in fish protein

Kaley Cuoco is one of Hollywood's most recognized actresses — appearing in shows like Charmed and The Big Bang Theory. She is known for her love of the outdoors (being an avid horse rider) and for her love of all things fitness. Although being in tip-top shape requires certain levels of physical activity, what you put in your body also plays an important role. Something that our beloved actress knows very well.

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Kaley Cuoco is an avid equestrian and loves her a good workout

In an interview for Women's Health, the actress admitted that she doesn't eat meat. However, she is a big fan of fish, which she includes in her meal planning. A diet rich in fish protein can help you shed pounds, while also stimulating your intellectual development, memory and learning skills. Eating fish also strengthens your defenses and adds to the overall health of your heart and bones.

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Kaley has one of the best bodies in Hollywood

What does Kaley's day-to-day meal plan look like?

First up is breakfast. Kaley sometimes starts off her day with toast with some delicious peanut butter spread on top. For lunch, she will eat half a sandwich, while for dinner, she will help herself to some fresh fish and veggies. She also takes into account mid-day snacks and will munch on an apple if she gets hungry. Something that she avoids? Candy. The actress has stayed away from sweet treats since 2015. She also shared with Us Weekly that she no longer eats chip and cereals or drinks soda.

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Kaley follows a healthy meal plan that includes numerous good-for-you foods

Kaley isn't all business and no fun, she allows for the occasional indulgence. “I must have one day of truce. I know that when I behaved all week, when Sunday arrives I lay down by the pool, have a drink and eat pizza,” she confessed.

Zero meats, lots of fish and yummy veggies—with the occasional indulgence every now and then—sound like the perfect meal plan to us!

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