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Having a hair color emergency? Here’s how Jennifer Aniston is taking care of her touch-ups at home

Jen’s hair color specialist Michael Canalé revealed his tricks to maintain your color while social distancing

Grey hair and roots don’t care if we’re in a pandemic, so since there’s no way to go to a beauty salon these days, your hair might be having some, well, let’s call them “issues”. But have no fear, Jennifer Aniston’s hair colorist Michael Canalé, yes, the man behind the star’s iconic golden highlights, revealed a few tips so you can touch up your hair color at home.

“I’m not doing house calls,” the hair guru told Page Six. But the Canalé Salon & Products owner explained IS telling his clients the exact formulas to use so they can do the touch-ups at home.

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Jen’s colorist Michael Canalé revealed how his famous clients are taking care of their color-treated hair and dealing with upkeep during the pandemic

“It isn’t easy, but my clients know how I work and we’re giving them the instructions they need to take care of their roots,” confirmed Michael, who also tends the tresses of the likes of Shakira, Heidi Klum, and Penelope Cruz. So, here are a few helpful answers to some top hair maintenance questions.

Michael Canalé at his beauty salon©@canalehair
Jennifer’s hair color specialist recommended using a semi-permanent hair color

1) What formula should I use? Try a semi-permanent formula if you need to buy hair color at the drugstore while you wait to get back to the salon. “Get rid of the grey, play around with some red tones, have some fun with it knowing it’s not permanent,” he advised. “That way, your salon will be able to just pick up where they left off.”

2) What color should I choose? Michael revealed the key is to go with a natural base color and then two shades lighter at the root. “So if you’re doing light brown, you’d do dark blond around the hairline.”

Products that camouflage rootsn©Amazon/Color Wow Hair
Michael recommended some temporary touch-up products that camouflage roots quick like Oribe Airbrush Root Touch-Up Spray ($32) or Color Wow Root Cover-Up ($35)

3) What if I don’t want to color all of my hair, and just need a touch up? If you don’t like the sound of applying the color yourself, he recommends a much faster, though notably more temporary option, for example, Oribe Airbrush Root Touch-Up Spray ($32), which is great for covering greys in your part and around your hairline. Michael also suggested Color Wow Root Cover-Up ($35), which allows for much more precise application.

4) How to I take care of my color-treated hair? Michael knows well that color-treated hair needs special care. So, he recommends adding a few drops of argan oil to your conditioner to keep your locks shiny, soft, and silky.