Margot Robbie´s stunning monochromatic makeup

The actress looked gorgeus using terracotta tones in her makeup

An amazing V-neck gown courtesy of Chanel needs to be complemented with an elegant makeup. And in the case of Margot Robbie, she absolutely nailed her Greek goddess look using terracotta tones in her makeup to go with her fantastic dress. The Australian actress dazzled in the Once Upon a Time in Hollywood red carpet with this combination that will be difficult to forget.

The Oscar nominee looked enchanting with a monochromatic makeup look in bronze tones created by makeup artist Pati Dubroff, who focused on accentuating her famous client's features to the max. The expert applied shadows all over her eyelids until reaching the perfect shade of brow to really frame her eyes. The lips matched this daring color creating a homogeneous and heavenly look. More details about this trend? We’ve got them here.

Margot Robbie maquillaje monocromático tonos terracota©GettyImages
Monochromatic makeup stands out by using shades of the same color on the cheeks, eyes and lips


To start off, it’s important to know the key to monochromatic makeup. It’s simply wearing the same range of colors on your eyes, lips, and cheeks. Margot used terracotta tones for this incredible look, but there are more tones to explore. From pink to peach, red or gold tones, the sky is the limit.

This trend, inspired in the 70s, looks even better with well-marked eyes and abundant eyelashes. To create it, first prep your skin with moisturizer, you can also mix the foundation with a few drops of brightening serum.

Then, apply a touch of blush on the cheeks and pay close attention to the color you used, since this is what will determine the lip color and shadows that you will apply after.

For the eyes, prep the eyelids with a primer and with your well-defined palette of shadows, apply the color on the eyelid and blend it in thoroughly, especially as you start to reach the brow area. The next part will be a light eye lining, almost invisible, to subtly define the look.

Margot Robbie con maquillaje monocromático tonos ocre©GettyImages
Really accentuating the cheeks would be a great choice to go with this style of makeup

Now put on multiple layers of mascara to make them long and voluminous. To give it the ultimate finishing touch, don’t forget to choose a lip color that matches the blush and eyeshadow. And voilà! Your monochromatic makeup is ready to go!


Dubroff shared a list of the products on social media that made this incredible look possible. Just like the immaculate flowing white gown, Chanel was the chosen brand.

The makeup expert used Soleil Tan and Duo Bronze Et Lumiere Clair for her skin, with Ombre Premiere Gloss Solaire on the eyes, and Rouge Coco Flash 66 Pulse for the lips. Are you ready to try something daring?

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