Thalia Sodi New Fragrance Collection

Thalia on creating fragrances that pay homage to her Mexican culture

Each scent will take you back to your isla...

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Beauty and fashion have been in the forefront of my life, both personally and professionally, as far back as I can remember. I grew up in Mexico surrounded by my mother and sisters, all older than me, and it was a treat to learn about their different skin care routines, their unique hair care tips, their amazing make-up ideas and their tastes for fragrances and oils. I had a group of fabulous, beautiful, intelligent, loving women teaching me the beauty ropes, influencing me with their style and ideas and I could not have been more excited. They were successful at promoting my self-esteem in order to help me become a strong, confident woman.

Thalia Sodi and Mother©Instagram
Thalia learned all her beauty tips from her mother

Fragrance has been a passion of mine since I was a little girl. I have vivid memories of playing with and trying on my mother’s perfumes, so having my own line, the Thalia Sodi Fragrance Collection, is a dream come true! I was inspired to create a fragrance collection offering women everywhere beautiful, high quality scents that are also affordable. I partnered with a leading perfume house in New York to design the fragrances.

Thalía Sodi Fragrance Collection©Thalía Sodi
The perfumes in the Thalía Sodi Fragrance Collection are available on Amazon for around $60

I drew inspiration from my love of rare and precious gemstones. I’ve always loved their multifaceted hues and how no two gems are exactly the same. With this in mind, we designed crystal cuts in the bottles to allow light to flow through each facet of the glass, replicating a beautiful gemstone effect.

Each bottle has a rich jewel tone, which evokes luxury and modernity. The clear crystal cap adds a modern detail that is light and transparent, but also feels like crystal. It took us over one year to complete the project, and I’m so proud of the end result!

Blooming Opal is like a flirty, sexy summer night in Miami. It brings memories of music and lots of fun. The fragrance is a white floral with notes of bergamot, waterlily, tuberose, gardenia, sandalwood and coconut.

Thalia's fragrance Blooming Opal©Thalia Sodi
Blooming Opal, $68,

Liquid Sun is a familiar scent that reminds me of my childhood. It brings back feelings of freedom, happiness and security from those days when I was a kid. It is a citrus floral musk with notes of neroli, mandarin leaves, frangipani, peony, golden amber and ebony wood.

Thalia Sodi fragrance Liquid Sun©Thalia Sodi
Liquid Sun, $58,

It is an honor to be an example and a trailblazer for younger, Hispanic and entrepreneurial women out there. My mother and I dreamt of launching a fragrance collection, and here it is! We also dreamt of having a collection in an iconic stores such as Macy’s, and little by little, with perseverance and a lot of work, we did it! The key was, and still is, to find and work with teams of confident professionals with experience, optimistic energy and positive attitude who understand the sass and style choices of the Latin and modern women. Let’s celebrate our heritage and our colorful smiles! Let’s celebrate inner beauty and strong Hispanic women! Happy Hispanic Heritage Month!

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